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efl: Split Efl.Container and Efl.Content
When I first implemented the Efl.Container interface I made a mistake of mixing "single slot" content API's with "multiple children" content API's. This should fix that, by separating API's that are for a single part and those that deal with a list of children. Efl.Content: Single slot. This will be used a lot by efl_part() objects, and for the default content of widgets (eg. the window content). Efl.Container: Multiple children. Used by lists, boxes, layouts (edje/elm), etc... I didn't see any class that implemented both interfaces (note: Layout implements Container and Button implements Content, so technically Button implements both through inheritance). For now the eo_prefix is not changed in Efl.Container. I wonder if it should be reset (to efl_container) or not. This would only affect the C API. Ref T5328
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--- a/src/lib/elementary/efl_ui_grid.eo
+++ b/src/lib/elementary/efl_ui_grid.eo
@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ class Efl.Ui.Grid (Elm.Widget, Efl.Pack.Grid, Efl.Pack.Layout,
6 Efl.Object.constructor; 6 Efl.Object.constructor;
7 Efl.Canvas.Group.group_calculate; 7 Efl.Canvas.Group.group_calculate;
8 Elm.Widget.theme_apply; 8 Elm.Widget.theme_apply;
9 //Efl.Container.content_remove; // TODO
9 Efl.Container.content_iterate; 10 Efl.Container.content_iterate;
10 Efl.Container.content_count; 11 Efl.Container.content_count;
11 Efl.Ui.Direction.direction { get; set; } 12 Efl.Ui.Direction.direction { get; set; }