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elm: Remove elm_box_layout_set from EO
This removes a type from ecore_types.eot elm_box is legacy. Efl.Ui.Box is the new EO-enabled box. Ref T5522
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@@ -93,43 +93,6 @@ class Elm.Box (Elm.Widget)
93 vertical: int; [[The vertical space between elements]] 93 vertical: int; [[The vertical space between elements]]
94 } 94 }
95 } 95 }
96 @property layout {
97 set {
98 [[Set the layout defining function to be used by the box
100 Whenever anything changes that requires the box in $obj to recalculate
101 the size and position of its elements, the function $cb will be called
102 to determine what the layout of the children will be.
104 Once a custom function is set, everything about the children layout
105 is defined by it. The flags set by @.horizontal.set and
106 @.homogeneous.set no longer have any meaning, and the values
107 given by @.padding.set and @.align.set are up to this
108 layout function to decide if they are used and how. These last two
109 will be found in the $priv parameter, of type $Evas_Object_Box_Data,
110 passed to $cb. The $Evas_Object the function receives is not the
111 Elementary widget, but the internal Evas Box it uses, so none of the
112 functions described here can be used on it.
114 Any of the layout functions in $Evas can be used here, as well as the
115 special \@ref elm_box_layout_transition.
117 The final $data argument received by $cb is the same $data passed
118 here, and the $free_data function will be called to free it
119 whenever the box is destroyed or another layout function is set.
121 Setting $cb to $null will revert back to the default layout function.
123 See also \@ref elm_box_layout_transition.
125 ]]
126 }
127 values {
128 cb: Evas_Object_Box_Layout @nullable; [[The callback function used for layout]]
129 data: const(void_ptr) @optional; [[Data that will be passed to layout function]]
130 free_data: Ecore_Cb @optional; [[Function called to free $data]]
131 }
132 }
133 @property children { 96 @property children {
134 get { 97 get {
135 [[Get a list of the objects packed into the box 98 [[Get a list of the objects packed into the box