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parentevas: Remove font_hinting from EO (diff)
evas: Remove Evas.Coord from EO
This may be a bit more controversial... But Evas_Coord really is just an int and all the internals of EFL assume that the base coordinate type is a 32-bit int. So this type is a bit redondant and can't easily be changed to, say, a float or int64. Ref https://phab.enlightenment.org/T5312
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diff --git a/src/lib/elementary/elm_entry.eo b/src/lib/elementary/elm_entry.eo
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--- a/src/lib/elementary/elm_entry.eo
+++ b/src/lib/elementary/elm_entry.eo
@@ -592,10 +592,10 @@ class Elm.Entry (Elm.Layout, Elm.Interface_Scrollable, Efl.Ui.Clickable,
return: bool; [[$true on success, $false otherwise]]
values {
- x: Evas.Coord; [[X coordinate]]
- y: Evas.Coord; [[Y coordinate]]
- w: Evas.Coord; [[Width]]
- h: Evas.Coord; [[Height]]
+ x: int; [[X coordinate]]
+ y: int; [[Y coordinate]]
+ w: int; [[Width]]
+ h: int; [[Height]]
@property imf_context {