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Efreet: do not get confused by path ending with / in XDG_* vars
This @fix the parsing of dirs from the xdg env vars. Now always remove the leading / char from the paths. This was causing lots of trouble on my system, where XDG_DATA_DIRS is: /usr/local/share/enlightenment:/usr/local/share:/usr/local/share/:/usr/share/ At first /usr/local/share was added 2 times in the list, one with the / and one witout, causing a double lookup for each file. Secondly the icon cache was totally unusable as the cached paths ended up as: /usr/share//icons/Mint-X/places/32/folder.svg. The double / in there was making the cache lookup to fail and anways return the biggest icon available. Causing a big system slowdown whe searching for icons. As a bonus the function now use eina_str_split instead of the custom splitting code that require a bad special handling for the last item.
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