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eio: Adds Eo-based Eio API
The legacy Eio_File factory functions are replaced by an Eo object called Eo_Job that return promises wrapping the async file operations. With this commit, the legacy Eio callbacks are replaced by the following Eo/Promises counterparts : * Done_Cb -> Promise then success callback * Error_Cb -> Promise then error callback * Main_Cb -> Promise progress callback * Filter_Cb -> Job object event (more below) Events are used to deliver and get the filter data. To differentiate between the named and direct versions, they come in "filter,direct" and "filter,name" versions. Monitors were wrapped inside a new class Eo_Sentry. The user creates a sentry object and adds monitoring targets to it, listening to events on it. The sentry event info is composed of two strings. The source string is the path being monitored, i.e. the one passed to eio_sentry_add, and the trigger string is the path that actually triggered the event, e.g. a new file created in a monitored directory.
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@@ -25,3 +25,19 @@ struct @extern Eina.Matrix3 {
25struct @extern Eina.Inarray; 25struct @extern Eina.Inarray;
26 26
27type @extern Eina.Unicode: uint32; 27type @extern Eina.Unicode: uint32;
29struct @extern Eina.File.Direct.Info;
31 path_lenght: size_t; [[Size of the whole path]]
32 name_length: size_t; [[Size of the filename/basename component]]
33 name_start: size_t; [[Start position of the filename/basename component]]
34 type: Eina_File_Type; [[File type]]
35 path: char[EINA_PATH_MAX]; [[The path]]
38enum @extern Eina.Xattr.Flags {
39 insert, [[This is the default behaviour, it will either create or replace the extended attribute]]
40 replace, [[This will only succeed if the extended attribute previously existed]]
41 created [[This will only succeed if the extended attribute wasn't previously set]]