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Revert "efl_loop: move scheduler_get to eo API"
This reverts commit f910ba248e3f8f8390674e79cbbe49582eed861e. The scheduler is meant to be used only in C, not by bindings so there isn't really a use for it in the loop class. Now this patch was triggered due to complexity in using future/promise, so will do a follow up patch to improve that.
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--- a/src/lib/eo/eina_types.eot
+++ b/src/lib/eo/eina_types.eot
@@ -79,5 +79,4 @@ struct @extern Eina.Rw_Slice {
79 79
80struct @extern Eina.Value.Type; [[Eina value type]] 80struct @extern Eina.Value.Type; [[Eina value type]]
81struct @extern Eina.Future; [[Eina_Future handle]] 81struct @extern Eina.Future; [[Eina_Future handle]]
82struct @extern Eina.Future.Scheduler; [[Eina_Future_Scheduler handle]]
83struct @extern Eina.Promise; [[Eina_Promise handle]] 82struct @extern Eina.Promise; [[Eina_Promise handle]]