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parenteina: add test cases for various eina_matrix operations (diff)
Edje: Add clip as a property of a part description
Since masking, for performance and themeing reasons, it becomes interesting to be able to switch clippers on the fly. In particular, switching from an IMAGE mask to a standard RECT clipper can save a lot of power when masking is not required. This new flag "description.clip_to" will behave a bit like a mix of rel.to and visible: - It points to a part by name, just like part.clip_to. This will override the clipper set by the part, or override the default clipper. - Like "visible", it can not be interpolated between two values, so it will switch only at the end of a transition. - By default there is no clip override, which means Edje will fallback to the part's clipper, if any, or the base (group's) clipper. NOTE: - Since a clipper that does not clip anything becomes a standard object, it is visible and rendered. This will in 99.999% cases not be the intended behaviour. Currently we can simply use a transparent RECT in order to always have something clipped by the clipper, but this is a hack and this will trigger rendering of masks in their surfaces even when they are not actually used. Ideally, there should be a flag indicating to Edje & Evas that an object should be considered a clipper in all situations, and never be rendered on screen. TODO: - Support Edje Edit - Add Embryo & Lua functions - Add support in edje_convert - Add Edje/Evas flag to mark objects as "no_render" @feature
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