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parentefl_ui_spec: Support running with CK_FORK=no (diff)
evas filter: make curve work for everyHEADmaster
Summary: If an input buffer and an output buffer for the curve filter are same, it reads and writes to the same texture which behavior is not defined. I could not find good reference for this, but following could be a reference. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/ href="./?id=11410292">11410292/opengl-read-and-write-to-the-same-texture The texture gets 0 color value as a result. So the curve filter does not work. This patch makes the curve filter use different input and output buffer. Test Plan: This attached file could explain what 'read and write to the same texture' is. {F3724537} Reviewers: Hermet, jpeg, jsuya Reviewed By: Hermet Subscribers: cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision: https://phab.enlightenment.org/D9085
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