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docs: Update documentation on Gestures
We need to keep in mind that the Manager and the Recognizers are not visible to the user. The user only sees the events and the different Efl.Canvas.Gesture_* payloads.
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@@ -2,12 +2,42 @@ interface @beta Efl.Gesture.Events
2{ 2{
3 event_prefix: efl; 3 event_prefix: efl;
4 events { 4 events {
5 gesture,tap: Efl.Canvas.Gesture_Tap; [[Event for tap gesture]] 5 gesture,tap: Efl.Canvas.Gesture_Tap; [[Emitted when a Tap gesture has been detected.
6 gesture,double_tap: Efl.Canvas.Gesture_Double_Tap; [[Event for double tap gesture]] 6 A Tap gesture consists of a touch of the screen (or click of the mouse) quickly followed by
7 gesture,triple_tap: Efl.Canvas.Gesture_Triple_Tap; [[Event for triple tap gesture]] 7 a release. If the release happens too late a @[Efl.Gesture.Events.gesture,long_tap] event will be
8 gesture,long_tap: Efl.Canvas.Gesture_Long_Tap; [[Event for long tap gesture]] 8 emitted instead.
9 gesture,momentum: Efl.Canvas.Gesture_Momentum; [[Event for momentum gesture]] 9 ]]
10 gesture,flick: Efl.Canvas.Gesture_Flick; [[Event for flick gesture]] 10
11 gesture,zoom: Efl.Canvas.Gesture_Zoom; [[Event for zoom gesture]] 11 gesture,double_tap: Efl.Canvas.Gesture_Double_Tap; [[Emitted when a Double-tap gesture has been detected.
12 A Double-tap gesture consists of two taps on the screen (or clicks of the mouse) in quick
13 succession. If the second one is delayed for too long they will be detected as two independent
14 @[Efl.Gesture.Events.gesture,tap] events.
15 ]]
17 gesture,triple_tap: Efl.Canvas.Gesture_Triple_Tap; [[Emitted when a Triple-tap gesture has been detected.
18 A Triple-tap gesture consists of three taps on the screen (or clicks of the mouse) in quick
19 succession. If any of them is delayed for too long they will be detected as independent
20 @[Efl.Gesture.Events.gesture,tap] or @[Efl.Gesture.Events.gesture,double_tap] events.
21 ]]
23 gesture,long_tap: Efl.Canvas.Gesture_Long_Tap; [[Emitted when a Long-tap gesture has been detected.
24 A Long-tap gesture consists of a touch of the screen (or click of the mouse) followed by a release
25 after some time. If the release happens too quickly a @[Efl.Gesture.Events.gesture,tap] event will be
26 emitted instead.
27 ]]
29 gesture,momentum: Efl.Canvas.Gesture_Momentum; [[Emitted when a Momentum gesture has been detected.
30 A Momentum gesture consists of a quick displacement of the finger while touching the screen (or while
31 holding down a mouse button).
32 ]]
34 gesture,flick: Efl.Canvas.Gesture_Flick; [[Emitted when a Flick gesture has been detected.
35 ]]
37 gesture,zoom: Efl.Canvas.Gesture_Zoom; [[Emitted when a Zoom gesture has been detected.
38 A Zoom gesture consists of two fingers touching the screen and separating ("zoom in") or
39 getting closer ("zoom out" or "pinch").
40 This gesture cannot be performed with a mouse as it requires more than one pointer.
41 ]]
12 } 42 }
13} 43}