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eina file - stat generation inexactness support
this is a performance optimization. it brings in a "stat generation". for now it's disabled by default so we retain previous behavior. this stops eina file from opening and stating a file every time you open ... it only does it if stat generation is off, or, if the generation changed since the last time it opened that file. this makes cache hits not have a 3 syscall cost (open+fstat+close). this optimizes that lower end of things path. but .. it comes at a cost. if the file changes before generation ticks over (which this forces to tick over every time the loop exits idle by default). now here is something to ask. 1. should we have this on by default and accept the "inexactness" since you can eina_file_statgen_next() before any call that would do i/o to force it to look at the real file stat info... 2. should we tick over every idle enter OR every N idle enters or every frame we render instead? ... i want to avoid getting a timestamp or having a timer interrupt often... so what should we do? at least this introduces the idea, some api's and an env var to turn this on. it definitely cuts down syscalls during things like creation of widdgets or objects in large batches etc.
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