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ecore_evas_x: Check 1 for gl_sync_draw_done instead of 0 before sending comp_sync_draw_size_done.
There was a corner case which gl_sync_draw_done is set to -1. So send comp_sync_draw_size_done when the gl_sync_draw_done is not 1. It can be -1 or 0. This is a manual cherry-pick from Thanks to original author Jiyoun Park. commit 4be6c821df4ccd418dbe44f7e6fecbcd7dd66d74 Author: Jiyoun Park <> Date: Thu Jul 4 18:04:11 2013 +0900 fix lockup issue (N_SE-44214) because this sync draw done cannot be send Change-Id: Id05978e925d5b44d6ca9af0a1684bbb255b9ec5b
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