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eina log: print formatted string when log domain is invalid
Before this patch, eina_log would simply record a non-formatted entry like: unknown domain -1, original message format 'proxy=%p, obj=%p' This was not very useful as even if the log domain is invalid, the message itself might be relevant (often those are ERR logs). Now the message format is roughly the same as the default format, except that the line info comes from the original message (and doesn't refer to eina_log.c). Backtrace printing will happen at the same level as the original log level, in order to avoid log pollution in case DBG logs are printed with an invalid domain (and CRI would trigger bt). I actually wonder if the logs shouldn't actually be forwarded to the standard log callback instead of just stderr. This may be useful for logging with dlog or journald (atm we will simply lose all logs without a valid domain). This would mean eina_log itself requires a log domain.
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