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Static deps: Move unibreak to be an external dep.
We need any version of libunibreak. The first one has been released in mid 2012. Even slow distros like ubuntu already have an LTS out with a good enough version, so I consider this enough to remove the maintenance cost. This has been discussed on IRC. @feature
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1New in libunibreak 1.1
3- Update the code and data to conform to Unicode 6.2.0
4- Update build files to support libtool 2.4
5- Adjust code structure
6- Make a few bug fixes
8New in libunibreak 1.0
10- Add word breaking support
11- Change the library name to "libunibreak", while keeping maximum compatibility
12- Add pkg-config support
14New in liblinebreak 2.1
16- Update the data according to LineBreak-6.0.0.txt
17- Fix the bug that an assertion in code can fail if U+FFFC is
18 encountered at the beginning of a line
20New in liblinebreak 2.0
22- Update the algorithm and data according to UAX #14-24 and
23 LineBreak-5.2.0.txt
24- Rename some functions to reduce namespace pollution
25- Make Doxygen documentation better
27New in liblinebreak 1.2
29- Fix the bug that an assertion in code can fail if an invalid UTF-8 or
30 UTF-16 sequence is encountered near the end of input
31- Remove the specialization of right single quotation mark as closing
32 punctuation mark in English, French, and Spanish, because it can be
33 used as apostrophe
34- Make Doxygen documentation better
36New in liblinebreak 1.1
38- Make get_lb_prop_lang static and not an exported symbol
39- Define is_line_breakable to alias to is_breakable
40- Declare get_next_char_utf* will be changed to lb_get_next_char_utf*
41- Move the declarations of get_next_char_utf* from linebreak.h to
42 linebreakdef.h
43- Add the function documentation comments to the header files
45New in liblinebreak 1.0
47- Update the line breaking data according to UAX #14-22 and
48 LineBreak-5.1.0.txt
49- Add autoconfiscation support (./configure, make, make install)
50- Add Makefile for MSVC
52First public release (0.9.6, or 20080421)
54- Implement line breaking algorithm according to UAX #14-19
55- Line breaking data is generated from LineBreak-5.0.0.txt
56- Makefile only supports GCC