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simplify efl version and initialization in a macro, fixes libtool version-info.
Introduces EFL_VERSION() to make it simpler to define our version. The last parameter is the release status, defaults to 'dev' for development purposes and may be set to something else to be a snapshot. It non-empty will be given to libtool's -release. As EFL_VERSION() must be done *before* AC_INIT(), we need to create another macro to do the AC_SUBST() and AC_DEFINE(). This is EFL_INIT. And no, we can't just call AC_INIT() from inside EFL_INIT(). Last but not least, we had a problem with our libtool version-info. It was being calculated as MAJOR + MINOR, right now 1 + 7 = 8. But as soon as we get to MAJOR=2 and MINOR=0, we get into problems. This was fixed by rewriting as (MAJOR * 100 + MINOR), but this is still problematic. According to libtool's manual (info libtool), we shouldn't bind the version-info with package info, instead doing the 'release' field. Pretty likely we'll do worse than expected by distros and binary packages in future :-/ SVN revision: 82891
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