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efl_ui_format: fix to display %% and unknown format element
This fixes 2 things as follows. 1. Displays format string "%%" as "%". Like printf does, "%%" is displayed as "%". 2. Displays unknown format element as it is. In format string "(50%)", ")" is an unknown format element. Although format string has unknown format element, the format string is displayed like printf does. The cause of the issue displaying "0%" which was mentioned on a96933f964b1757b9d9f8a4cce14d883f35a6665 is as follows. The default format string of progressbar is set as "%.0f%%". Therefore, if progressbar's format string is not set, then "%" postfix is always displayed. This commit reverts commit a96933f964b1757b9d9f8a4cce14d883f35a6665. This commit restores commit b4112b9735ce75bce95974a257aa1880fa52a6bf. This commit restores commit be770d37fb05b8486907796dd16f4635bceb4ce1. Reviewed-by: Cedric BAIL <> Differential Revision:
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