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ecore: here comes a env object
the env object can be used to alter and edit the content of environment variables. Additionally, the class efl.core.env can be used to to setup a not applied set of environment variables, which then can be applied later (in the future) to set it directly to a spawned process for example, or as a general key/data storage. A efl.core.env object can also be forked off, which makes it easy to customize predefined objects. ref T7514 Differential Revision:
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@@ -75,7 +75,8 @@ efl_app_suite_src = [
75 'efl_app_test_loop.c', 75 'efl_app_test_loop.c',
76 'efl_app_test_loop_fd.c', 76 'efl_app_test_loop_fd.c',
77 'efl_app_test_loop_timer.c', 77 'efl_app_test_loop_timer.c',
78 'efl_app_test_promise.c' 78 'efl_app_test_promise.c',
79 'efl_app_test_env.c'
79] 80]
80 81
81efl_app_suite_deps = [m] 82efl_app_suite_deps = [m]