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authorMike Blumenkrantz <>2018-03-26 14:19:28 -0400
committerStefan Schmidt <>2018-04-05 11:10:25 +0200
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tests: add instrumentation to existing tests to find slow tests
efl_check.h must be included and the EFL_START/END_TEST macros must be used in place of normal START/END_TEST macros timing is enabled when TIMING_ENABLED is set Reviewed-by: Stefan Schmidt <>
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diff --git a/src/tests/eet/eet_suite.h b/src/tests/eet/eet_suite.h
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--- a/src/tests/eet/eet_suite.h
+++ b/src/tests/eet/eet_suite.h
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
2# define _EET_SUITE_H 2# define _EET_SUITE_H
3 3
4#include <check.h> 4#include <check.h>
5 5#include "../efl_check.h"
6void eet_test_init(TCase *tc); 6void eet_test_init(TCase *tc);
7void eet_test_data(TCase *tc); 7void eet_test_data(TCase *tc);
8void eet_test_file(TCase *tc); 8void eet_test_file(TCase *tc);