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eo: fix UB in the eo event code (edje_cc hangs etc.)
Today I started experiencing mysterious hanging of edje_cc during build. "The French are at it again" I thought, and after spending a while bisecting, I found the culprit. It's 7f53d9158395504151e1ff3dcae715a799d913a8. So, what is happening in here? The idea here was fundamentally sound; compute a special hash value for event descriptors, taking range between 0 and 63 (on 64-bit systems) and 0 and 31 (on 32-bit systems), then use a mask sized 32-bit or 64-bit (depending on your system) and check early if to bail out from callback_call, saving some resources. So far so good. The problem is in the way the mask is handled. We're applying the hash as the shift value like, `x |= (1 << hash)`. On 32-bit systems this is okay, but on 64-bit systems, C's dumb silent coercion rules kick in, since the left side of the expression is 1, a literal with type signed int; that means our shifting range is limited to 31 and what we get is... undefined behavior. This is obviously not what we want, so take a 1ULL value as a base. The previous thing seemingly worked on x86_64 (nobody reported any issues) and interestingly it worked for me too for a while (on ppc64le), but undefined behavior can be unpredictable, so... This shouldn't need a commit message as long as this, but I'm making it proportional to the amount of time I wasted on this.
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