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build: disable leak detection in address sanitizer build for tests as well
Summary: The same principle we use for the build stage we use here for running our tests. Leak detection has just to many problems for us on the shutdown path that it makes no sense to use here. I am also bumping the evas timeout form the default 30s to 60 as I have been running into timeouts with asan enabled on my machine. This would not change anything on a default build. Depends on D11137 Reviewers: smohanty, bu5hm4n, raster, zmike Reviewed By: zmike Subscribers: zmike, cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
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@@ -33,5 +33,6 @@ evas_suite = executable('evas_suite',
33) 33)
34 34
35test('evas-suite', evas_suite, 35test('evas-suite', evas_suite,
36 env : test_env 36 env : test_env,
37 timeout: 60,
37) 38)