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build: Make sure the ecore_drm Makefile gets included after its dependencies
This problem have been observed by Scimmia22 on the Arch builds as well as on the jenkins wayland build job. While compiling works fine the relinking during make install fails with ecore-drm linking does not find eeze or eldbus as its deps. This only shows on systems with no efl installed, a build from scratch. As far as I can see we have all dependencies set correctly in configure as well as in the Makefile which are working fine even in highly parallel builds. It was a bit surprising here to me that the include order is still important with our correct dependencies. Autotools wisdom is welcome here to either explain to me why this is needed or what the correct fix would be. The includes all moved before Ecore_Evas because that would use ecore_drm if enabled. Fixes T2281
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@@ -45,7 +45,6 @@ include
45include 45include
46include 46include
47include 47include
49include 48include
50include 49include
51include 50include
@@ -54,15 +53,16 @@ include
54include 53include
55include 54include
56include 55include
57include 59include
58include 60include
59include 61include
60include 62include
61include 63include
62include 64include
64include 65include
66include 66include
67include 67include
68include 68include