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authorStefan Schmidt <>2020-04-30 15:58:31 +0200
committerStefan Schmidt <>2020-04-30 17:19:06 +0200
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exactness: remove no longer needed _evas_new()
This has been unused since the move to a preloaded lib and now makes trouble durign compilation on Fedora32. @fix Reviewed-by: Marcel Hollerbach <> Differential Revision:
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diff --git a/src/bin/exactness/common.h b/src/bin/exactness/common.h
index 1c3cec921d..8654fb9449 100644
--- a/src/bin/exactness/common.h
+++ b/src/bin/exactness/common.h
@@ -257,10 +257,8 @@ typedef struct
257 int nb_shots; /**< The number of shots present in the unit */ 257 int nb_shots; /**< The number of shots present in the unit */
258} Exactness_Unit; 258} Exactness_Unit;
259 259
260Evas *(*_evas_new)(void);
261const char *_exactness_action_type_to_string_get(Exactness_Action_Type type); 260const char *_exactness_action_type_to_string_get(Exactness_Action_Type type);
262 261
264Eina_Bool ex_is_original_app(void); 262Eina_Bool ex_is_original_app(void);
265void ex_set_original_envvar(void); 263void ex_set_original_envvar(void);
266Eina_Bool exactness_image_compare(Exactness_Image *img1, Exactness_Image *img2, Exactness_Image **diff_img); 264Eina_Bool exactness_image_compare(Exactness_Image *img1, Exactness_Image *img2, Exactness_Image **diff_img);