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remove edje file changed monitoring as it's nothing but a bug vector
so this has to go. reloading edje files is nothing but trouble. example - if you update your os your theme files get updated and then all sorts of stuff goes wrong. jeff is right. this makes it an intractible problem. we have an open file handle on the edj file. we share that anre reuse it via eina_file - keep it. this keeps tyhe edje file stable and consistant. <Jef91> Elementary applications freak the fuck out <Jef91> if you change the theme file <Jef91> that they are using <Jef91> SeoZ, <Jef91> that happens when my theme file that is in use changes we will get nothing but continued issues and complains if we keep doing this. it's a fairly pointless mis-feature. thank god its got no apis - just signals and internals.
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