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1class @beta Efl.Ui.View_Factory
3 [[This class provide a utility function that class that wish to use @Efl.Ui.Factory.create should use.]]
4 data: null;
5 methods {
6 create_with_event @static {
7 [[Create a UI object from the necessary properties in the specified model and generate the created event on the factory when the object is done building. This function must be use by all @Efl.Ui.View that need to create object. They should not use @Efl.Ui.Factory.create directly.]]
8 params {
9 factory: Efl.Ui.Factory; [[The factory to use for requesting the new object from and generating the created event onto.]]
10 models: iterator<Efl.Model>; [[Efl iterator providing the model to be associated to the new item. It should remain valid until the end of the function call.]]
11 parent: Efl.Gfx.Entity; [[Efl canvas]]
12 }
13 return: future<Efl.Gfx.Entity>; [[Created UI object]]
14 }
15 }