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2018-01-10travis: add misc and wayland build options to build matrixStefan Schmidt
2018-01-10ci: install wayland and other build options dependencies in Fedora imageStefan Schmidt
2018-01-10ci: enable examples build in for OSX targetStefan Schmidt
2018-01-09ci: actually install systemd in the Ubuntu 17.10 DockerfileStefan Schmidt
2018-01-03ci: add forgotten Ubuntu 17.10 DockerfileStefan Schmidt
2018-01-03ci: add Archlinux Dockerfile and use it in TravisStefan Schmidt
2018-01-02ci: travis: add new docker file for Fedora 27 releaseStefan Schmidt
2017-09-28ci: disable examples build for osx for nowStefan Schmidt
2017-09-28ci: README: simple docs for the current CI setupStefan Schmidt
2017-09-28ci: initial travis CI support for Linux distros and MacOSX buildsStefan Schmidt