AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-29Sat, 29 Sep 2018 20:23:30 +0100devs/beber/masterBertrand Jacquin
2018-09-29Sat, 29 Sep 2018 20:23:19 +0100Bertrand Jacquin
2018-09-28Fri, 28 Sep 2018 02:30:13 +0100Bertrand Jacquin
2018-09-28Fri, 28 Sep 2018 02:21:13 +0100Bertrand Jacquin
2018-09-28Fri, 28 Sep 2018 02:20:19 +0100Bertrand Jacquin
2018-09-28Fri, 28 Sep 2018 02:11:29 +0100Bertrand Jacquin
2018-09-27ecore_con: Add docs for ecore_con legacy functionsJunsuChoi
2018-09-27ecore_timer: Add docs for ecore_timer legacy functionsJunsuChoi
2018-09-27efl_vg: calculate center point with double typeJaehyun Cho
2018-09-27efreet_menu: remove unused and unreachable code.Alastair Poole
2018-09-27efl_ui_stack: Partially Revert "efl_ui_stack: remove unnecessary condition of...Yeongjong Lee
2018-09-27evas: Modify configure to branch by architectures for neonWonki Kim
2018-09-27eina_value: return null when eina_value_pget failedYeongjong Lee
2018-09-27elm_genlist: prevent null pointer accessYeongjong Lee
2018-09-27efl_exe: check fcntl returnYeongjong Lee
2018-09-27efl_ui_stack: remove unnecessary condition of EINA_INLIST_CONTAINER_GET retur...Yeongjong Lee
2018-09-27efl_ui_list: fix wrong variable usageYeongjong Lee
2018-09-26efl-csharp: Fix event struct marshalling.Lauro Moura
2018-09-26docs: Fix Efl.Ui.Focus.Object.Focus() docsXavi Artigas
2018-09-24elementary_test: use snprintf to prevent memory overflow in test_efl_ui_textYoungbok Shin
2018-09-21eina: Improve doxygen formatting for eina_debug.hBryce Harrington
2018-09-21update po'sCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2018-09-21examples - fix avahi examples to compileCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2018-09-21Colorselector : Add docs of elm_colorselector_palette_item_* APIsJunsuChoi
2018-09-21Docs: Fix incorrectly information for elm_config_softcursor_mode_setJunsuChoi
2018-09-21Docs: Add a group of APIs for which group is not declared in elm_configJunsuChoi
2018-09-21efl_ui_list: Add return value checkJunsuChoi
2018-09-21ctxpopup: Add return value checkJunsuChoi
2018-09-21edje: add missing eina_deprecated to apis.Hermet Park
2018-09-21Edje: update doc.Hermet Park
2018-09-21efl_ui_list: Return function if data get is failedJaehyun Cho
2018-09-21elm_entry: update documentation for elm_entnry_textonly_mode_set/getTaehyub Kim
2018-09-21docs: correct group name of segmentcontrol for API docs.Bowon Ryu
2018-09-21edje example: fix svg data.Hermet Park
2018-09-21eina: Grammar improvementsBryce Harrington
2018-09-21eo: Add null checkJunsuChoi
2018-09-21efl_ui_focus_manager: Add null checkJunsuChoi
2018-09-21elementary: fix memory leak from Efl.Ui.Layout.ObjectYoungbok Shin
2018-09-21evas_object_smart: fix dereference of nullShinwoo Kim
2018-09-21evas cache: add more null check for cacheYoungbok Shin
2018-09-21evas_object_callbacks: do not error on NULL on delMarcel Hollerbach
2018-09-21eina_vpath_vdg: free locally allocated memory before returnShinwoo Kim
2018-09-21elementary: remove meaningless memory allocation and leakingYoungbok Shin
2018-09-21els_tooltip: Fix to show correct arrow typeJaehyun Cho
2018-09-21eina_vpath: fix the memory leakTaehyub Kim
2018-09-21Efl.Ui.Popup.Alert: add icon parameter for icon button of popupTaehyub Kim
2018-09-21ecore_main: fix the invalid return valueTaehyub Kim
2018-09-19ecore_wl2_window: Fix incorrectly implemented null check.Woochanlee
2018-09-19efl_ui_tab_pager : Fix type mismatch for callocJunsuChoi
2018-09-19genlist: fix item show/bring in coordinate calculation with zero-sized pan.SangHyeon Jade Lee