AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-13csharp: Some missing conversionsLauro Moura
2019-11-13csharp: Add conversion methods for generated typesLauro Moura
2019-11-13eolian_mono: change OnXXXEvent access modifier from public to protected virtualYeongjong Lee
2019-11-13wl_egl : Prevent access to NULL pointerJunsuChoi
2019-11-12csharp: Add To and From methods for implicit conversion.Bruno da Silva Belo
2019-11-12tests/ecore_wl2: Add test for ecore_wl2_window_wm_rotation_supportedChristopher Michael
2019-11-12tests/ecore_wl2: Modify ecore_wl2_window_rotation testChristopher Michael
2019-11-12tests/ecore_wl2: Add test for ecore_wl2_window_rotation_app functionsChristopher Michael
2019-11-12tests/ecore_wl2: Add test for ecore_wl2_window_preferred_rotationChristopher Michael
2019-11-12tests/ecore_wl2: Add test for ecore_wl2_window_maximized functionsChristopher Michael
2019-11-12tests/ecore_wl2: Add test for ecore_wl2_window_fullscreen functionsChristopher Michael
2019-11-12tests/ecore_wl2: Add test for ecore_wl2_window_focus_skip_get/setChristopher Michael
2019-11-12tests/ecore_wl2: Add test for ecore_wl2_window_floating_mode_get/setChristopher Michael
2019-11-12tests/ecore_wl2: Add test for ecore_wl2_window_alpha_get/set functionsChristopher Michael
2019-11-12tests/ecore_wl2: Add test for ecore_wl2_display_compositor_version_getChristopher Michael
2019-11-12efl_ui_relative_container: rename relative_layoutYeongjong Lee
2019-11-12eolian_mono: avoid keyword as a variable nameYeongjong Lee
2019-11-12mono: reduce duplicated event codeYeongjong Lee
2019-11-12dotnet: Generate doc and check for warningsLauro Moura
2019-11-12Efl.Ui.Scroll_Manager: Fix indentationXavi Artigas
2019-11-12evas_device: Fix typo in evas_device_popJunsuChoi
2019-11-12Efl.Ui.Animation_View: Implement sector playing featureJunsuChoi
2019-11-12Efl.Gfx.Frame_Controller: Add sector propertyJunsuChoi
2019-11-12evas_cache_vg : Implements sector_get/set internal APIsJunsuChoi
2019-11-12vg_loader: Get markers information form json data.JunsuChoi
2019-11-12evas_filter: remove shader compile errorShinwoo Kim
2019-11-11ci: fix ccache segfault during setup on CI in release-ready buildStefan Schmidt
2019-11-11elm: apply the same fix we needed in entry to other scrollable widgetsMarcel Hollerbach
2019-11-11efl_canvas_animation: correctly handle double signnessMarcel Hollerbach
2019-11-07csharp: Localization strings with CultureInfo.Bruno da Silva Belo
2019-11-07csharp: Fix running headless tests in dotnetLauro Moura
2019-11-07elm_entry: fix wrong displayed scrollbarsMarcel Hollerbach
2019-11-07elementary: watch event on the model Efl.Ui.CollectionView use directly.Cedric BAIL
2019-11-07eo: make sure to return the right value for efl_event_callback_call.Cedric BAIL
2019-11-07elementary: properly handle in flight request in Efl.Ui.CollectionView.Cedric BAIL
2019-11-07elementary: cleanup Eina_Future properly by relying on efl_future_then proper...Cedric BAIL
2019-11-07csharp: Make GetPart public.Lauro Moura
2019-11-07csharp: Removing a never used class.Bruno da Silva Belo
2019-11-07Revert "evas_textblock: content fit feature"Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2019-11-07efl_ui_alert_popup: add title part in parts blockTaehyub Kim
2019-11-06csharp: Fix test build dependencyLauro Moura
2019-11-06efl: Make stable single-valued getters consistent.Lauro Moura
2019-11-06csharp:comma have whitespace after and none beforeBruno da Silva Belo
2019-11-06elm_config: replace ecore_file_cp with ecore_file_mvWonki Kim
2019-11-06edje_calc: UNLIKELY changed to LIKELY.Woochanlee
2019-11-06elementary: fix end of fast scroll not showing up during Efl.Ui.CollectionVie...Cedric BAIL
2019-11-06Efl.Interpolator*: More sensible API names and docsXavi Artigas
2019-11-06csharp: Revamp dotnet supportLauro Moura
2019-11-06docs: Add caveat details to Efl.Canvas.AnimationXavi Artigas
2019-11-06check: reset flags that used for legacy 'changed' cbWonki Kim