AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-01-29Comment out drm/gbm specific code (for now), while implementing Bufferdevs/devilhorns/drmChris Michael
2014-01-29Intialize buffer manager on engine creationChris Michael
2014-01-29Add function declarations for buffer manager functionsChris Michael
2014-01-29Add buffer manager to evas engine build orderChris Michael
2014-01-29Call idle_timeout_update when we are done processing updates.Chris Michael
2014-01-29Add start of buffer abstraction codeChris Michael
2014-01-29Check return values of drm commands and fail nicely.Chris Michael
2014-01-29Add some debugging print outsChris Michael
2014-01-29Trap eglMakeCurrent return value.Chris Michael
2014-01-29Add API function to determine if sprites are supported on an output.Chris Michael
2014-01-29Add function declaration for returning a fb from a boChris Michael
2014-01-29When we mmap the fb memory, map for read And write.Chris Michael
2014-01-29Add API function to determine if a crtc supports spritesChris Michael
2014-01-29Fix typosChris Michael
2014-01-29Fix swapper_setup functions to pass in the fd.Chris Michael
2014-01-29Fix function prototypes to accept the drm device fd.Chris Michael
2014-01-29Add the 'fd' to the engine info structureChris Michael
2014-01-29Add fd to outbuf structure, and fix swapbuf_setup function to acceptChris Michael
2014-01-29Get the fd from the ecore_drm_device so we can pass it to the evasChris Michael
2014-01-29Add function to return the file descriptor for a ecore_drm_deviceChris Michael
2014-01-29Add API function to get the device fd.Chris Michael
2014-01-29Add egl to checks for ecore_drmChris Michael
2014-01-29Add evas engine files (for drm) to build orderChris Michael
2014-01-29Modify evas_check_engine macros (for drm) to detect eglChris Michael
2014-01-29Remove old outbuf fileChris Michael
2014-01-29Add functions to show & render the ecore_evas for drmChris Michael
2014-01-29Begin work on getting evas drm engine to actually renderChris Michael
2014-01-29Add API functions for returning the gbm deviceChris Michael
2014-01-29Add code to create an EGL Context for an output.Chris Michael
2014-01-29Add code to initialize EGL (for hardware acceleration).Chris Michael
2014-01-29Expose ecore_drm_fb functions as API functionsChris Michael
2014-01-29Expose the Ecore_Drm_Fb structure.Chris Michael
2014-01-29Add EGL headers & necessary fields to structures for hardwareChris Michael
2014-01-29Remove libinput dependencyChris Michael
2014-01-29Create sprites on canvas creationChris Michael
2014-01-29Fix formattingChris Michael
2014-01-29Fix evdev code:Chris Michael
2014-01-29Rework input code to to actually work now:Chris Michael
2014-01-29Remove some debug messagesChris Michael
2014-01-29Add needed fields to input & evdev structures to process input events.Chris Michael
2014-01-29Add Evdev device capabilities, seat capabilitities, and event type enumsChris Michael
2014-01-29Add functions to disable/enable an outputChris Michael
2014-01-29Add function to disable inputsChris Michael
2014-01-29Enable/Disable outputs & inputs during vt switchChris Michael
2014-01-29Add TODOChris Michael
2014-01-29Fix Mesa bug with some drivers by preloading libglapiChris Michael
2014-01-29Add sprites fileChris Michael
2014-01-29Add Ecore_Drm_Sprite structureChris Michael
2014-01-29Add additional API functions:Chris Michael
2014-01-29Add sprites file to build orderChris Michael