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* evas-wayland-egl: Add support for partial update extensiondevs/devilhorns/evas_wayland_shmChris Michael2015-08-113-38/+68
* Add experimental implementation of custom animator ticksChris Michael2015-08-064-16/+23
* Merge branch 'devs/cedric/evas_snapshot'Cedric BAIL2015-08-0614-173/+416
| * edje: add a SNAPSHOT part in EDC.Cedric BAIL2015-08-067-4/+47
| * evas: force full redraw of snapshot for every frame, every time.Cedric BAIL2015-08-061-0/+19
| * evas: move make update to be outside of the reused code for rendering sub obj...Cedric BAIL2015-08-051-21/+21
| * evas: make sure that the context is only relevant to the surface we are curre...Cedric BAIL2015-08-051-22/+24
| * evas: we now need to force mark the object as changed.Cedric BAIL2015-08-051-0/+4
| * evas: implementation of snapshot feature.Cedric BAIL2015-08-056-15/+118
| * evas: prepare refactoring necessary for snapshot.Cedric BAIL2015-08-051-182/+210
| * evas: add a snapshot bool to Evas_Object_Image.Cedric BAIL2015-08-053-1/+45
* autotools: more cross platform dlfuncs/shm_open checksDaniel Kolesa2015-08-051-4/+37
* evas_3d_utils: fix compiler warningDaniel Kolesa2015-08-051-1/+1
* Edje entry: Fix to delete selection when preedit status has not ended.Subodh Kumar2015-08-051-0/+3
* evas_check_engine: Remove tests for specific version of EGLChris Michael2015-08-041-4/+4
* evas gl: add support for new partial update extension.mythri.venugopal2015-08-043-38/+72
* edje_embryo: add methods to handle event flags.Jee-Yong Um2015-08-044-0/+138
* evas: add tangent space algorithmperepelits.m2015-08-041-0/+223
* evas: twice faster NEON intrinsics scaling up implementationCedric BAIL2015-08-041-52/+86
* Edje entry: Clean up conditions a bit.Tom Hacohen2015-08-041-8/+7
* Edje entry: Make filter logic consistent across all input methodsSubodh Kumar2015-08-041-3/+24
* ecore-wl: Support wl_keyboard_send_repeat_info for adjusting keyboard repeat ...Chris Michael2015-08-042-2/+34
* Ecore audio: Fix typoTom Hacohen2015-08-041-1/+1
* Eina strbuf: Remove unused variable.Tom Hacohen2015-08-041-6/+0
* Eina quad: Remove unused function.Tom Hacohen2015-08-041-0/+2
* Ecore audio: Fix eo references.Tom Hacohen2015-08-042-4/+4
* Migrate more eo files to use Eina.Rectangle.Tom Hacohen2015-08-042-3/+5
* Evas out: migrate more eolian types.Tom Hacohen2015-08-041-4/+6
* Evas canvas3d: Move evas 3d types to evas_types.eotOleksandr Shcherbina2015-08-0448-1048/+950
* configure: Switch to dev mode again. Merge window for 1.16 is open nowStefan Schmidt2015-08-041-1/+1
* release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.15.0 releasev1.15.0Stefan Schmidt2015-08-042-1/+16
* ecore_evas: Fix crash in async renderjiin.moon2015-08-041-2/+7
* evas image unload - fix free path to remove from pending listCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)2015-08-041-0/+1
* Revert "[HACK] configure.ac: Forces linking with -lEGL"Nicolas Aguirre2015-08-031-1/+1
* Revert "[HACK] ecore_evas_fb: Comments ecore_fb_ts calls that aren't resolved...Nicolas Aguirre2015-08-031-3/+3
* Revert "configure.ac: Don't check for Xprint extension. cf:"Nicolas Aguirre2015-08-031-0/+1
* Revert "Include <Eet.h> where needed. cf:"Nicolas Aguirre2015-08-033-3/+0
* Revert "Adds support of the eglfs module in the autotools config"Nicolas Aguirre2015-08-037-116/+1
* Revert "evas: Adds an eglfs module"Nicolas Aguirre2015-08-034-1928/+0
* Revert "ecore_evas: Adds an eglfs module"Nicolas Aguirre2015-08-034-148/+0
* [HACK] configure.ac: Forces linking with -lEGLFlorent Revest2015-08-031-1/+1
* [HACK] ecore_evas_fb: Comments ecore_fb_ts calls that aren't resolved at runtimeFlorent Revest2015-08-031-3/+3
* configure.ac: Don't check for Xprint extension. cf:Florent Revest2015-08-031-1/+0
* Include <Eet.h> where needed. cf:Florent Revest2015-08-033-0/+3
* Adds support of the eglfs module in the autotools configFlorent Revest2015-08-037-1/+116
* evas: Adds an eglfs moduleFlorent Revest2015-08-034-0/+1928
* ecore_evas: Adds an eglfs moduleFlorent Revest2015-08-034-0/+148
* ecore_con: Correcting ece_svr to ece_cl in test case.Srivardhan Hebbar2015-08-031-2/+2
* eio: grammar and typo fixes in docs.Yomi2015-08-032-7/+7
* eina: add intermediate inline function for eina_crc.Cedric BAIL2015-08-034-2/+35