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2014-02-09ecore_evas: added window manager rotation to manage the rotation of windows ↵Gwanglim Lee
by the WM. Summary: The window manager rotation allows the WM to controls the rotation of application windows. It is designed to support synchronized rotation for the multiple application windows at same time. Reviewers: raster, seoz, cedric, Hermet Reviewed By: raster CC: cedric Differential Revision:
2014-02-09evas/op_blend: rename LOOP_ALIGNED_U1_A48_SSE3 to LOOP_ALIGNED_U1_A48Albin Tonnerre
Summary: There's nothing SSE3-specific about that macro, let's use a more generic name for it. Since that's just a generic macro, we can also allow non-SSE (eg. NEON) code to use it if they want to Reviewers: cedric CC: cedric Differential Revision:
2014-02-08Evas Textgrid: Don't leak an eina_stringshare when scale_update isChris Michael
called. Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2014-02-08Add quadruple swap mode for partial renderingWonsik Jung
Summary: This patch is for QUADRUPLE window buffers. Test Plan: When enlightenment uses quadruple buffers or window system can support quadruple buffers, application can use quadruple buffers with partial rendering Reviewers: tasn, seoz, raster Reviewed By: raster CC: cedric Differential Revision:
2014-02-08evas - textblock ... fix valign handling to actually work as documentedCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
valign handling was really broken. this fixes it to pretty much work again. ie 0.0 == top, 0.5 == centered, 1.0 == bottom align and -1.0 == baseline. only baseline worked before.
2014-02-08evas/common - removed unnecessary handling.ChunEon Park
Actually the range checking will be accomplished when u, v is decided. just duplicated.
2014-02-08evas/common - removed unused vars.ChunEon Park
my fault. they were not intended to push in.
2014-02-08evas/common - fix indentationChunEon Park
2014-02-08evas/common - code clean upChunEon Park
add better descriptive comments. modify the code for better readibility.
2014-02-08evas/common - more useful comment.ChunEon Park
2014-02-08evas/common - code clean upChunEon Park
removed unncessary backet depth in.
2014-02-08evas text filter - fix va_arg usage to not cause compiler internal errsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-02-08configure - don't add -mfpu-neon on arm - this breaks building for armv6/4...Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-02-08ecore_x: fix wrong Atom name.Jaehwan Kim
2014-02-08fix warnings in evas filter plus a memleak in _vflip_cpu()Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-02-08fix distckeck for filterCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-02-07Edje entry: Enable allow_set for DEFAULT select mode.Tom Hacohen
We need to be able to disable selection even when the mode is default. A good use case is thumb scrolling on a desktop.
2014-02-07Edje entry: always finish selection when mouse is up.Tom Hacohen
Even when the event is held. This actually needs some better fixing.
2014-02-07evas/common - code clean upChunEon Park
one if-else if compare is enough. don't try compare twice.
2014-02-07evas/common - don't compare if twice. one is enough.ChunEon Park
2014-02-07Evas textblock: Fixed test shadow warnings.Tom Hacohen
2014-02-07Evas textblock: Fixed *_cursor_char_coord_set with some y values.Tom Hacohen
Specifically y values that are between par->y and the first ln->y. This should fix some selection issues with elm.
2014-02-07Evas textblock: Added tests for *_cursor_char_coord_set.Tom Hacohen
There are issues with values between the beginning of the first par and the beginning of the first line.
2014-02-07evas/common - code clean up for more readability.ChunEon Park
2014-02-07evas/common - code cleanupChunEon Park
useless to consider this optimization on these days this just make people read code much awkward. And actually the code have been unused.
2014-02-07Evas filters: Implement advanced text effectsJean-Philippe Andre
Add a new module in Evas to implement text effects. The basic idea is to create some buffers (alpha/rgba), draw some text into them, and apply various filters in a sequential way. A small script language allows you to set a filter to a text object. This can then be passed through an Eo API or using Edje directly (under the field description.text.filter). Right now, the software engine should work fine, but GL rendering suffers from a few limitations (no scaling and no proxy rendering, which means a few effects might not work well). More documentation will follow, and examples as well. But, please bear in mind: this is a HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL feature. I'm including it to EFL 1.9 so that people can play with it, but it should not be considered stable at this point in time.
2014-02-07Evas filters: Disable proxies with the GL engineJean-Philippe Andre
Well, proxy sources are rendered to a... GL texture! But we actually want the image pixels. So we'll need to call glReadPixels to get them. Yes, it will be horribly slow. But there isn't really a way around. This will require a new internal API. For now, just disable the feature. Hopefully I can make it work soon enough for the release?
2014-02-07Evas filters: Fix crash when using the GL backendJean-Philippe Andre
Buffer management was broken, and we tried to free the GL texture as if it were a simple RGBA_Image.
2014-02-07Evas filters: Allow calling program_set and source_set in any orderJean-Philippe Andre
If source_set was called after program_set, then parsing would fail. It used to work because the program was re-parsed at source_set. Now, save the code, mark the filter as changed, and reparse again if the source changed (keep track of invalid programs to avoid excessive parsing).
2014-02-07Evas filters: Prevent buffer creation when running filterJean-Philippe Andre
In async mode, the filter runs in the render thread, so can't allocate buffers on the fly. This case should not happen, unless maybe a source has a null size (eg. it's invisible and not properly rendered).
2014-02-07Evas filters: Quick check for existing part nameJean-Philippe Andre
We just add all buffer source names to the part lookup queue, so that edje_cc will check that the source part exists. The final int key is discarded.
2014-02-07Evas filters: Fix proxy usage (source unset)Jean-Philippe Andre
Proxy sources & objects were not properly unset. This results either in crashes (especially in the Edje tests) or dangling objects with tons of references. Remove the refcount increase/decrease, as it is redundant. Store pairs proxy+source instead of just the source in all hashes, so we can unset the is_proxy flag on the proxy when there are no sources anymore.
2014-02-07Evas filters: Add support for proxies in EdjeJean-Philippe Andre
They will be defined with the following syntax: buffer:buf(src=part);
2014-02-07Evas filters: Implement basic Edje supportJean-Philippe Andre
Does not support proxies yet. Implemented as "filter" field in a part.description.text (next to a "font").
2014-02-07Evas filters: Check that program code changes before updatingJean-Philippe Andre
Save the code and compare with the new one. This way we can safely call program_set from the edje_calc functions.
2014-02-07Evas filters: Add argument src for buffer declarationJean-Philippe Andre
Basically, in an edje file, we'll declare buffers manually, using the "buffer:buf(src=part)" syntax.
2014-02-07Evas filters: Avoid adding multiple sources under the same nameJean-Philippe Andre
2014-02-07Evas filters: Rename bind to source_setJean-Philippe Andre
Because that's what we call it for proxy images :)
2014-02-07Evas filters: Disable gauss blurJean-Philippe Andre
And fix doc in parser
2014-02-07Evas filters: Remove FIXME and unimplemented codeJean-Philippe Andre
Remove compilation warnings: we don't really need cubic interpolation at this point, we can still add it back later if wanted. Also, make it clear that buffer #2 is the output buffer. Remove meaningless FIXME.
2014-02-07Evas filters: Add proxy source only onceJean-Philippe Andre
If the proxy has already been added to the list of proxy sources, don't add it again. This is for the filters case where unset isn't even called :)
2014-02-07Evas filters: Fix memory leaks with buffersJean-Philippe Andre
In async rendering case, basically all buffers were leaked or freed from the wrong thread. Fix that :)
2014-02-07Evas filters: Allocate buffer in the main loop (part 2)Jean-Philippe Andre
Now the allocation is really done in the main loop. Rendering fails, only happens in case of redraw.
2014-02-07Evas filters: Alloc/Dealloc buffers from the main loop onlyJean-Philippe Andre
This is a problem I didn't spot immediately... but with tons of nasty consequences.
2014-02-07Evas filters: Simplify clip_to_targetJean-Philippe Andre
2014-02-07Evas filters: Fix uninitialized memory access and unsupported callJean-Philippe Andre
2014-02-07Evas filters: Fix mapped rendering for mask, blendJean-Philippe Andre
If dx, dy are 0, there was a miscalculation of bottom and right, leading to segvs.
2014-02-07Evas filters: Implement all rgba mask operationJean-Philippe Andre
RGBA + RGBA blended to an RGBA target. Uses existing infrastructure to combine all buffers together.
2014-02-07Evas filters: Implement repeat and stretch for rgba to alphaJean-Philippe Andre
Use the mapped rendering to implement repeat and stretch with rgba to alpha buffers blending. If stretch is required, it will add one more (expensive) scaling step.
2014-02-07Evas filters: Fix mask functionJean-Philippe Andre
Mask iteration was not valid.