AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-03-26ecore_evas/wayland_shm: Check if the Ecore_Evas is visible on render.devs/devilhorns/waylandRafael Antognolli
2013-03-26eina-cow: fix valgrind instrumentationBoris 'billiob' Faure
2013-03-26eina_test_list: Move fail_if out of the hot pathDaniel Willmann
2013-03-26evas/wayland_egl: Fall back to dlsym if eglGetProcAddress fails.Rafael Antognolli
2013-03-26Hush clang warnings for EINA_INLIST_FOREACH_SAFEDaniel Willmann
2013-03-26Evas gl: Fixed warnings in the gl engine.Tom Hacohen
2013-03-26eina: add eina_list_shuffleJérémy Zurcher
2013-03-26TESJérémy Zurcher
2013-03-26oh so minor buglet - interpolate border scale by a sa float (in fixedCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-03-26eina: fix use of Valgrind macro in Eina_Cow.Cedric BAIL
2013-03-26eina: improve speed of Eina_Cow.Cedric BAIL
2013-03-26ecore: include mman.h also when Evil is found.Cedric Bail
2013-03-26eet_cipher: Fix initialization of opened variableDaniel Willmann
2013-03-26ecore_coroutine: Silence warning in clangDaniel Willmann
2013-03-26Eina cow: Don't tests things that depend on magic when it's off.Tom Hacohen
2013-03-26Disable cow magic in dev profile, instead of a hack in the source.Tom Hacohen
2013-03-26Revert "eina: reenable them as it was a bug from Tasn."Tom Hacohen
2013-03-26eina: reenable them as it was a bug from Tasn.Cedric Bail
2013-03-26eina: disable Eina_Cow magic completely for the moment.Cedric Bail
2013-03-26fix magic failure in eina_value_array_count when array has not been allocatedMike Blumenkrantz
2013-03-26Evas object: Fixed clouseau reporting for align and weight.Tom Hacohen
2013-03-26eina: Add execinfo.h to avoid implicit declarations.Stefan Schmidt
2013-03-26efl: add macro to swap Windows and Unix path separators.Cedric Bail
2013-03-26ecore: fix overflow on Windows 64 bits.Cedric Bail
2013-03-26eina: speed up Eina_Cow.Cedric BAIL
2013-03-26edje: let's not segfault when we remove a non existant callback.Cedric BAIL
2013-03-26Eo: Added an eo_do_super benchmark.Tom Hacohen
2013-03-26Change usage of eo_do_super to the new prototype.Tom Hacohen
2013-03-26Eo: Added cur_klass as a parameter to eo_*_do_super.Tom Hacohen
2013-03-26Revert "Add a new API to edbus to let it create an EDbus session from"Lucas De Marchi
2013-03-26embryo_cc: Fix possible buffer overflow in setconfig()Daniel Willmann
2013-03-26edje: i am lazy, i like to not care about case.Cedric BAIL
2013-03-26edje: handle custom state to.Cedric BAIL
2013-03-26edje: fix run on 64bits system.Cedric Bail
2013-03-26Revert "edje: fix run on 64bits system."Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-03-26eina eina_inlist.c: fixed formatting while reading the code.Daniel Juyung Seo
2013-03-26Ecore.h: use ECORE_CALLBACK_RENEW/CANCEL for timer callback.Daniel Juyung Seo
2013-03-26seems tegra has gotten better so up pipe max number in gl engine.Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-03-26update on recent symbol finding changes in evas - use dlsym for fbo'sCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-03-26edje: fix run on 64bits system.Cedric Bail
2013-03-26ecore_con: fix warnings when curl is not available.Cedric Bail
2013-03-26ecore: another needed virtual destructor.Cedric Bail
2013-03-26ethumb: we are linking with Ethumb_Client.Cedric Bail
2013-03-26ecore: virtual destructors are neededCedric Bail
2013-03-26ecore: lower more warning level.Cedric Bail
2013-03-26edje: lower warning level.Cedric Bail
2013-03-26edje: remove that anoying \n.Cedric Bail
2013-03-26gitignore: let's forget about exe files.Cedric Bail
2013-03-26eina: add support for Systemd journal in Eina_Log.Cedric Bail
2013-03-26ecore_evas: Mark unused variables as unusedDaniel Willmann