Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* build: fix type in m4 macroStefan Schmidt2016-03-071-1/+1
* Eo event cb: Update documentation.Tom Hacohen2016-03-072-2/+2
* Eo: Update documentation according to the event cb changes.Tom Hacohen2016-03-071-3/+1
* Eo: get rid of Eo_Event2.Tom Hacohen2016-03-071-2/+2
* ecore: Create PromisesFelipe Magno de Almeida2016-03-0612-22/+1042
* eina: Add Eina_Iterator implementation for C-arrayFelipe Magno de Almeida2016-03-062-0/+69
* eina: fix typos in doxygenJean Guyomarc'h2016-03-062-7/+7
* ecore: better resources use in the glib integrationJean Guyomarc'h2016-03-042-1/+3
* Evas: fix camera node adding to sceneperepelits.m2016-03-041-2/+0
* evas: fix preload thread deadlock issuejiin.moon2016-03-042-1/+4
* edje: return default description depends on RTL when description doesn't existSoohye Shin2016-03-041-1/+3
* edje_embryo: add box attributes support to set_state_val()Jee-Yong Um2016-03-043-2/+76
* tests: disable loading of the scim module as this can causes hangs of the testsStefan Schmidt2016-03-041-1/+4
* Eo tests: Add tests for null (invalid) array callbacks.Tom Hacohen2016-03-041-0/+3
* Eo: unmark Eo_Class as deprecated.Tom Hacohen2016-03-041-1/+0
* Eo: Remove more deprecated functions.Tom Hacohen2016-03-041-8/+0
* Eo: remove the long deprecated eo_data_get.Tom Hacohen2016-03-043-16/+0
* Eo tests: Test more cases with legacy events.Tom Hacohen2016-03-041-0/+5
* Eo legacy events: remove pointless string copies.Tom Hacohen2016-03-041-4/+1
* Eo tests: Increase coverage for children iterator tests.Tom Hacohen2016-03-041-0/+2
* Eo: Remove useless safety checks.Tom Hacohen2016-03-041-6/+1
* Eo tests: add more eo_data_get tests.Tom Hacohen2016-03-041-0/+2
* Eo: fix oversight for key_dataDaniel Zaoui2016-03-041-1/+1
* Eo: set object as const for key_data_getDaniel Zaoui2016-03-042-2/+2
* build: finally enable branch coverage in our lcov-check targetStefan Schmidt2016-03-042-6/+8
* eina: rely on GNU make to find file at their correct location.Cedric Bail2016-03-033-164/+166
* Eo: Fix typo of SUPER_TAG_SHIFT.Jaehyun Cho2016-03-041-1/+1
* eina: reintroduce additional support for eina sub directory compilation.Cedric Bail2016-03-032-0/+17
* eina: split Makefile with files/headers in preparation for additional per sub...Cedric Bail2016-03-032-183/+194
* eolian-cxx: Fix Eolian C++ constructing methods with new eo_addVitor Sousa2016-03-037-27/+23
* eolian-cxx: Partial fix for generation without eo_doFelipe Magno de Almeida2016-03-039-52/+71
* eolian: new type system APIDaniel Kolesa2016-03-0316-626/+900
| * eolian_cxx: Fix C++ compilation with new Eolian_Type_Type valuesVitor Sousa2016-03-031-1/+1
| * eolian: type documentation and other cleanupsDaniel Kolesa2016-03-032-78/+177
| * eolian: completely clean up the type systemDaniel Kolesa2016-03-039-119/+66
| * eolian: clean up some temporary hashesDaniel Kolesa2016-03-034-27/+9
| * eolian: separate type_to_str for declsDaniel Kolesa2016-03-033-47/+66
| * eolian: remove database_type_print (unused)Daniel Kolesa2016-03-032-81/+0
| * eolian: remove most of the old type APIsDaniel Kolesa2016-03-034-90/+50
| * eolian: more old type api removalsDaniel Kolesa2016-03-034-91/+29
| * eolian: remove retrieval funcs for type-style enums/aliases/structsDaniel Kolesa2016-03-034-87/+31
| * elua: update eolian bindings to new typedecl apiDaniel Kolesa2016-03-031-68/+176
| * eolian: initial conversion of C gen and tests to new type APIsDaniel Kolesa2016-03-037-167/+194
| * eolian: add api to deal with typedecl free funcsDaniel Kolesa2016-03-034-0/+11
| * eolian: add some missing typedecl APIsDaniel Kolesa2016-03-034-0/+42
| * eolian: add matching APIs to get typedecls by fileDaniel Kolesa2016-03-035-1/+55
| * eolian: add wrappers for most of typedecl APIsDaniel Kolesa2016-03-032-0/+145
| * eolian: remove unneeded hashesDaniel Kolesa2016-03-032-12/+0
| * eolian: actually generate typedecls as necessaryDaniel Kolesa2016-03-032-4/+34
| * eolian: free the hashes (prevent leaks)Daniel Kolesa2016-03-031-0/+3