Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Merge branch 'master' into devs/hermet/lottiedevs/hermet/lottieHermet Park30 hours295-6114/+3431
| * evas svg: code refactoring.Hermet Park30 hours2-2/+2
| * vg_common_svg : Implement gradientTransform property of linearGradientJunsuChoi31 hours3-0/+38
| * vg_common_svg: Prevent duplicate operations for percentage valueJunsuChoi32 hours3-4/+59
| * elementary: ensure that the parent model is still alive when resolving future...Cedric BAIL37 hours1-14/+24
| * ecore: move property string definition to shared headers for Efl.Composite_Mo...Cedric BAIL38 hours2-7/+11
| * Evil tests: remove tests of functions provided by mingw-w64Vincent Torri42 hours4-311/+0
| * eolian: remove legacy generation from testsDaniel Kolesa43 hours1-2/+0
| * ci: disable mingw build temporarilyMike Blumenkrantz44 hours1-2/+2
| * meson: unbreak cxx header installationMarcel Hollerbach44 hours3-6/+5
| * Windows: remove fnmatch and regex in Evil and use the ones in regex DLL insta...Vincent Torri44 hours24-3829/+37
| * ecore_sdl: fix detection of sdl with meson buildVincent Torri44 hours1-1/+1
| * eolian_gen: remove support for legacy header file generationDaniel Kolesa45 hours7-76/+56
| * autotools: remove usage of eolian_gen .eo.legacy.h generationDaniel Kolesa45 hours4-17/+3
| * meson: remove usage of eolian_gen .eo.legacy.h generationDaniel Kolesa45 hours4-53/+2
| * elm_scroller_legacy: remove generated legacy includeDaniel Kolesa46 hours1-1/+39
| * tests: add api coverage for evas imageMike Blumenkrantz47 hours1-0/+35
| * evas: implement Efl.File.unload for evas image classesMike Blumenkrantz47 hours6-0/+35
| * evas_legacy: remove unused generated legacy includesDaniel Kolesa47 hours1-20/+0
| * efl_ui_layout, elm_layout_legacy: add missing/remove unused includeDaniel Kolesa47 hours2-2/+1
| * elm_progressbar_legacy: remove unused includeDaniel Kolesa47 hours1-2/+0
| * efl_ui_slider: remove unused legacy header includeDaniel Kolesa47 hours1-2/+0
| * elm_image_legacy: remove bad "legacy" includeDaniel Kolesa47 hours1-2/+0
| * ecore-drm2: Fix API function parameters for background color setChristopher Michael48 hours2-2/+2
| * ecore-drm2: Update printf format to match changed value typeChristopher Michael48 hours1-8/+8
| * ecore-drm2: Add API function to set crtc background colorChristopher Michael2 days2-0/+35
| * ecore-drm2: Fill in crtc background color (if supported) during atomicChristopher Michael2 days2-0/+23
| * ecore-drm2: Add background_color to crtc atomic propertiesChristopher Michael2 days2-1/+6
| * ecore-drm2: Make atomic property values support uint64_tChristopher Michael2 days1-1/+2
| * evas gl: move to floating point coordinate system.Hermet Park2 days4-44/+46
| * evas map: move to floating point coordinate system in high-quality drawing.Hermet Park2 days2-3/+4
| * eina vpath - fix windows warning as simply as possibleCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)2 days1-1/+1
| * canvas map: remove the workaround code.Hermet Park2 days1-6/+2
| * evas common: small optimization.Hermet Park2 days1-3/+4
| * Revert "tests: add api coverage for evas image"Marcel Hollerbach2 days1-35/+0
| * docs: Clarify Efl.Content behaviorXavi Artigas2 days1-5/+12
| * efl/elm_scroller: apply color_set correctlyYeongjong Lee2 days2-0/+2
| * ui.widget: remove elm_widget_sub_object_parent_add from each of widgetsYeongjong Lee2 days89-116/+9
| * Freeing Global Memory list on destructorAli Alzyod2 days1-0/+1
| * evas map: shut up annoying compile warnings.Hermet Park2 days1-1/+2
| * tests: add api coverage for evas imageMike Blumenkrantz2 days1-0/+35
| * ecore_win32: use AddClipboardFormatListener and RemoveClipboardFormatListener...Vincent Torri3 days1-20/+3
| * ecore_win32: remove explicit define of WM_CLIPBOARDUPDATEVincent Torri3 days1-6/+0
| * build: use only BUILD_ECORE_IMF_XIM as a defineMike Blumenkrantz3 days5-8/+5
| * eina vpath - clear up vpath to handle env vars that are too big as fatalCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)3 days1-34/+36
| * eina_vpath: port to WindowsVincent Torri3 days3-2/+36
| * eio: remove unecessary printf from tests.Cedric BAIL3 days1-4/+2
| * autotools: remove all usage of evas_image_loader_tgv_(cflags|libs)Boris Faure3 days1-4/+3
| * efl-net.pc.in : honor datarootdirVincent Torri3 days1-0/+2
| * behavior-tests: add Efl.Ui.TableMarcel Hollerbach3 days1-0/+1