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* Efl.Ui.Animation_View: Enhance documentation of elm_animation_view.devs/hermet/lottieJunsuChoi55 min.5-212/+269
* Merge branch 'master' into devs/hermet/lottieHermet Park24 hours87-1285/+1604
| * evas wbmp loader: coming previous patch with fixing wrong calc.Hermet Park25 hours1-2/+2
| * Revert "evas-wbmp: revert previous two patches"Hermet Park25 hours1-2/+19
| * examples : update list_view examples to use item_class_set not layout_theme_c...SangHyeon Jade Lee31 hours3-4/+4
| * ecore: rely on event instead of creating one Eo object per future that need r...Cedric BAIL31 hours2-59/+48
| * efl_ui_scroller: fix Efl.Content implementationMarcel Hollerbach31 hours2-8/+15
| * efl_ui_tab_page: implement content_set / unset correctlyMarcel Hollerbach31 hours2-2/+22
| * efl_ui_popup: fix widget_parent inheritanceMarcel Hollerbach31 hours2-1/+3
| * efl_core_command_line: Fix resource leakChristopher Michael31 hours1-1/+4
| * csharp: Fix test code memory handlingLauro Moura34 hours2-8/+30
| * evas-wbmp: revert previous two patchesMike Blumenkrantz34 hours1-19/+2
| * mono-docs: Honor DESTDIR when installing XML docsXavi Artigas35 hours1-1/+1
| * fix compilation on alpineBoris Faure37 hours1-0/+2
| * elput: Remove useless call to eldbus_message_unrefChristopher Michael37 hours1-1/+0
| * elm_atspi_bridget: Fix resource leakChristopher Michael37 hours1-1/+5
| * meson: enable strict linkingMarcel Hollerbach37 hours4-4/+4
| * evas wbmp: remove unnecessary size overflow.Hermet Park38 hours1-1/+0
| * csharp: Fixes repeated method names.Lauro Moura40 hours2-14/+8
| * evas image: check format more strong way for wbmp.Hermet Park40 hours1-1/+19
| * mono-docs: Update DocFX blacklistXavi Artigas40 hours1-1/+1
| * csharp: refactor native_inherit into a nested class.Lauro Moura40 hours4-102/+124
| * mono-docs: Use full name in page titleXavi Artigas41 hours2-2/+43
| * mono-docs: Use full name in list of derived classesXavi Artigas41 hours2-1/+15
| * elc_hoversel: fix selected event compatibility issueTaehyub Kim43 hours1-1/+1
| * ecore: add an helper for Efl.Boolean_Model to get all the index with a reques...Cedric BAIL47 hours2-0/+125
| * csharp: Small style changesLauro Moura2 days4-31/+34
| * csharp: klass style changesLauro Moura2 days1-39/+69
| * csharp: Simple spacing rules changesLauro Moura2 days6-11/+15
| * autotools: add lib/evas/common/evas_map_image_internal_high.c to distMike Blumenkrantz3 days1-0/+1
| * ecore_wl2_input: fix a way it works when it has multiple input devicesWonki Kim3 days1-0/+2
| * efl_ui_widget: remove unused functionMarcel Hollerbach3 days1-319/+0
| * ui.table: remove leagcy evas_table from Efl.Ui.TableYeongjong Lee4 days5-370/+545
| * ui.relative_layout: replace evas_object_event_callback_xxx with efl_event_cal...Yeongjong Lee4 days1-4/+6
| * elementary: fix another instances of no parent for Efl.Io.Model.Cedric BAIL4 days1-7/+3
| * elementary: fix elm_fileselector_entry model_get to be properly build with a ...Cedric BAIL4 days1-7/+10
| * elementary: add a queue to postpone object destruction when necessary.Cedric BAIL4 days2-0/+19
| * elementary: enforce Efl.IoModel as a base type for fileselector.Cedric BAIL4 days3-0/+7
| * eio: rely on inheritance and reflection for Efl.IoModel path property.Cedric BAIL4 days1-10/+2
| * ecore: implement reflection for Efl.LoopModel properties.Cedric BAIL4 days2-0/+28
| * efl_ui_spec: add tests for efl.contentMarcel Hollerbach4 days5-1/+121
| * elm_part_helper: emit changed events when content is changedMarcel Hollerbach4 days1-2/+21
| * efl_ui_win: do not error when NULL is setted as contentMarcel Hollerbach4 days1-1/+1
| * efl_ui_layout: only delete and unparent objects here when aliveMarcel Hollerbach4 days1-2/+5
| * efl_ui_panel: redo content handlingMarcel Hollerbach4 days1-16/+20
| * meson: make it possible to link our engines against evasMarcel Hollerbach5 days15-19/+37
| * meson: seperate the engine build file from the restMarcel Hollerbach5 days2-75/+76
| * meson: move build definitions of software_generic to libevasMarcel Hollerbach5 days17-83/+73
| * meson: move gl_common to gl_genericMarcel Hollerbach5 days3-67/+46
| * Revert "edje_calc: make INTP use TO_INT_ROUND"Shinwoo Kim6 days2-30/+11