AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-05-31ecore-evas-drm: Register direct input callback for gl_drm alsoChris Michael
2016-05-31po: update after file rename of elm_image.cStefan Schmidt
2016-05-31elm: Fix build (use efl_ui_image.eo)Jean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31elm_image: rename the elm_image into efl_ui_image.Ji-Youn Park
2016-05-31Evas: Add proper EO events with info for mouse inputsJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31Efl: Rename Efl.Pointer.Event into Efl.Event.PointerJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31Evas events: Fix a crashJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31Evas events: Propagate event flags between eo and legacyJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31Evas events: Add helper functions to read event infoJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31Evas events: Store position as double onlyJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31Efl event: Remove useless method declarationJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31Evas events: Split pointer eventsJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31Elm win: Forward pointer events from evas to windowJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31Evas events: Add EO APIs for lock & modifiersJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31Evas events: Replace calls to event feed with internal funcJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31Evas events: Pass Efl_Pointer_Event for proxy source eventsJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31Evas events: Forward more pointer eventsJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31evas: send eo pointer events on mouse moveJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31Efl.Pointer.Event: Add dup() method to copy an eventJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31ecore_x: Pass in/out through ecore_input_evasJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31evas_events: Propagate more eo pointer eventsJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31efl: Simplify pointer event names + add missingJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31ecore_evas: Pass mouse down,up,move with eoJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31evas: Move event feed and input to legacyJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31ecore_evas: Feed evas events with eo (down, up)Jean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31ecore_input: Pass all events through direct cb firstJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31ecore_evas: Register direct input cb from modulesJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31ecore_evas: Add private direct callback for ecoreJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31Evas: Extend pointer events and add legacy conversion routinesJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31Evas: Fix compilation warnings (enum implicit cast)Jean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31Evas.Canvas: Move some event_feed to legacyJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31Efl: Add storage class Efl.Pointer.EventJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31Evas: EO-ify Evas_Device and partly move to EflJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-31ethumb - don't complain to stderr about things that are handled by apiCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2016-05-31efl test suite - test args event and args valuesCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2016-05-30elementary: Add a preview for icon themeAndy Williams
2016-05-30eina: Add non-allocated version to benchmarkFelipe Magno de Almeida
2016-05-30eina: Add mempool usage in benchmarkFelipe Magno de Almeida
2016-05-30eio: Fix eio_test_job_xattr testFelipe Magno de Almeida
2016-05-30elm_image: add a new eo property 'align' and implement related functionsJaeun Choi
2016-05-30elm init - add args event with ne efl loop argsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2016-05-30efl loop - add an args event and ability to produce itCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2016-05-30Added feature to bring focused item to viewport on clickgodly.talias
2016-05-30eet_image.c : Fix build warningJunsuChoi
2016-05-30elc_naviframe: Hide preserved content after its item is popped.Jaehyun Cho
2016-05-30elm: Fix efl_part inheritanceJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-30Elementary: fix the indentationJaehwan Kim
2016-05-30elm_hover: Fix crash with efl_partJean-Philippe Andre
2016-05-30widget: set the parent-child relation again, when the widget is unsetJaehwan Kim
2016-05-29FDO icons: better icon for "preferences-other"Dave Andreoli