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2017-08-09ecore glib support - if we are not the main ctx owner loop to acquireCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
the code didn't try acquire every loop if we were not, so it wouldnt wake up if someone stole context (and then gave it up). found by roy! @fix
2017-08-09test_gesture_layer3: add null checking after memory allocationJaeun Choi
2017-08-09test_gesture_layer2: add null checking after memory allocationJaeun Choi
2017-08-09test_gesture_layer: add null checking after memory allocationJaeun Choi
2017-08-09elm_prefs_data: add null checking after memory allocationJaeun Choi
2017-08-09elm_gesture_layer_extra_gestures: add null checking after memory allocationJaeun Choi
2017-08-09elm_gesture_layer: add null checking after memory allocationJaeun Choi
2017-08-09elm_dbus_menu: add null checking after memory allocationJaeun Choi
2017-08-09elm_color_class: add null checking after memory allocationJaeun Choi
2017-08-09elm: Add missing undef EAPI to Elementary.hJean-Philippe Andre
This may solve issues on Windows where EAPI can be either dllimport or dllexport. Anyway keeping EAPI defined is invalid and inconsistent. Also, change an invalid EO_BETA_API define tag to EFL_BETA_API_SUPPORT and EFL_EO_API_SUPPORT. Thanks @vtorri for the report! @fix
2017-08-09widget: Remove scrollable_children from EOJean-Philippe Andre
It's an internal only function, which IMHO was not required and an overhead over the simple loop. Ref T5363
2017-08-09widget: Clean up doc about disabledJean-Philippe Andre
Ref T5363
2017-08-09widget: Remove sub_obj arg to resize_object_setJean-Philippe Andre
This removes an argument that was false only for a single widget: naviframe. Hopefully this logic is now simpler, even though it involves a small hack within naviframe itself. Ref T5363
2017-08-09naviframe: Override resize_object_setJean-Philippe Andre
This is a first step into allowing me to removing the sub_obj argument. Make elm_widget resize_object a protected property. See also D265 Ref T5363
2017-08-09eo: Add a space in documentationJean-Philippe Andre
This separates the brief and the content.
2017-08-09widget: Move signal functions to internal onlyJean-Philippe Andre
elm_widget APIs are internal only, even if they may be EAPI. The EAPI here is for modules. I believe this API is only required for layout objects, so simply should remain in the layout class. Then you can do efl_isa() and call the functions or accept error messages if you want to be more careless. Ref T5363
2017-08-09examples: Correct the comments for key handlingBryce Harrington
Subscribers: cedric, jpeg Differential Revision:
2017-08-09examples: Fix sp. exemple_dataBryce Harrington
Subscribers: cedric, jpeg Differential Revision:
2017-08-09ecore_fb_li: add error handling code related with callocJiyoun Park
2017-08-08elementary cursor: remove a warning message from Wayland supportsYoungbok Shin
Summary: "_cursors_count" static variable is not used when Elementary is built for Wayland. It should be removed if els_cursor doesn't use it. @fix Test Plan: N/A Reviewers: raster, zmike, ManMower Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2017-08-08ecore_audio_pulse_ml: Check memory allocation failJaehyun Cho
2017-08-08ecore-evas-wayland: Add handler for Iconify State Change eventChris Michael
Small patch to add a handler for catching Window Iconify State Change events '#divergence' @feature Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2017-08-08ecore-wl2: Add support for Window Iconify State ChangeChris Michael
This patch adds support for the Window Iconify State Change event structure and the ecore event type to support it. '#divergence' @feature Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2017-08-08test_gesture_layer3: fix typoJaeun Choi
2017-08-08test_gesture_layer: fix typoJaeun Choi
2017-08-08elm_panel: use widget data for getting geometryJaeun Choi
_elm_panel_efl_gfx_size_set() ends up calling _elm_panel_elm_layout_sizing_eval() to adjust the layout according to the updated width and height. however, evas_object_geometr_get() doesn't return the updated values. in fact, it is not necessary to call any API since the values are stored as widget data in _elm_widget_efl_gfx_size_set().
2017-08-08examples: Fix grammar - 'forcely' is not a wordBryce Harrington
Subscribers: cedric, jpeg Differential Revision:
2017-08-08elm: Continue elm_layout renamingJean-Philippe Andre
This renames a few macros. Ref T5315
2017-08-08elm: Rename elm_layout to Efl.Ui.LayoutJean-Philippe Andre
Some names have not been changed, hopefully making a distinction between legacy APIs and internal code (elm_layout_blah) and valid EO usages. This means many internal functions are still elm_layout_ as their sole purpose is to support the legacy API. Ref T5315
2017-08-08Evas Jpeg2000 loader: port it to openjpeg 2.*Vincent Torri
Test Plan: files in Reviewers: jpeg, raster, cedric Differential Revision:
2017-08-08eo: Fix memory leak with overridesJean-Philippe Andre
See 0834511067a99faafc2c59f0aabcd58dab1cbc0b And b7840d9177b32f480087bd7f062cc66ab2583485 Ref T5580
2017-08-08layout: Implement missing edje APIsJean-Philippe Andre
This makes elm_layout implement: - efl_canvas_layout_signal_message_send - efl_canvas_layout_signal_process This only transfers the calls from the elm widget to the internal edje object. PS: message_send is quite ugly in C... Ref T5315 @feature
2017-08-08elm: Move elm_layout_sizing_eval to legacyJean-Philippe Andre
elm_layout_sizing_eval() marks an object as requiring recalc. Unfortunately, it's been massively abused by various widgets into actually doing the calc, or the min calc. So we end up with one API that has 3 different definitions depending on the widget type: 1. Mark as requiring recalc (correct, respects doc, elm_layout) 2. Calculate min size and other size hints 3. Actually do some geometry modification I believe we need to clarify these 3 requirements into 3 very clear and specific APIs in elementary. Right now we have similar functions in evas for 1 (evas_object_smart_changed) and 3 (smart_calculate). But their exact definition also isn't necessarily what we want for elementary. Another clear problem is that layout_eval does not do any calculation (in theory), so the "eval" word is a bit of a stretch here. Once we're sure about the exact API we want, we can add this back to EO and make it work across our EO widgets. For now let's just keep the legacy API, and its EO overrides, as is. Ref T5315
2017-08-07eo: temporary prevent segfault.Cedric BAIL
In some case, detected during eo test suite, the vtable does fail to be fully assigned, but it is still being assigned as the new vtable. Of course when later destroying it, it has already been freed. Leading to a double free.
2017-08-07elm_win: set shadow geometry based on borderless stateMike Blumenkrantz
2017-08-07elm_win: simplify/fix recalc logic when changing csdMike Blumenkrantz
forcing a full eval here is unnecessary and broken since such an eval could either change geometry in unexpected ways or fail to accurately change the underlying canvas geometry @fix
2017-08-07ecore-evas wayland: remove move() functionMike Blumenkrantz
this is conceptually wrong to include in a wayland engine
2017-08-07Canvas text: fix re-add of existing style to listDaniel Hirt
Styles were appended regardless their key already existing. Now it's fixed. Also, improved readability of 'style_set'.
2017-08-07ecore-evas wayland: clamp max size hints to 0Mike Blumenkrantz
2017-08-07evas wayland: always create gl context when non-existentMike Blumenkrantz
2017-08-07evas image: add checks for ENDT existence during image freeMike Blumenkrantz
this is null e.g., during enlightenment restart and causes crashes, probably should be removed after underlying cause is resolved @jpeg
2017-08-07evas_object_image: formattingMike Blumenkrantz
this was unreadable at parts due to mixed tabs/spaces
2017-08-07evas wayland: call makecurrent before querying gl attrsMike Blumenkrantz
fix T5845
2017-08-07Allow to override build dateBernhard M. Wiedemann
Summary: Allow to override build date for distribution packages that use autoreconf to recreate the configure script See for why this is good and for the definition of this variable. Note: This patch will work with GNU date. If BSD date support is important, a more complex patch needs to be done. also shows other diffs in .edj files that still remain @fix T5495 Reviewers: cedric Subscribers: stefan_schmidt, jayji, netstar, jpeg Maniphest Tasks: T5495 Differential Revision:
2017-08-07edje: make the generated default program name reproducible over buildsStefan Schmidt
For programs without specific names edje_cc generated default names in the form of program_$MEMORY_ADDRESS. That worked well enough for keeping the names unique, but it causes problems if one wants to have these files being binary reproducible due to different memory layouts, compilers, etc. Simply using a counter as unique part should work well enough for our use case and help people who want to verify builds. Thanks a lot to Bernhard M. Wiedemann for review and testing. Fixes T5113 Ref T5495
2017-08-07examples: fix build break after efl_ui_panes changeStefan Schmidt
In commit 40945d985967e58d6e6c00ecfd6292a8d67b83b5 it was renamed but the examples not updated.
2017-08-07efl_ui_focus_manager: free iterator when doneMarcel Hollerbach
2017-08-07efl_ui_focus_manager: fix leak when setting orderMarcel Hollerbach
We should free the list when we set it again.
2017-08-07Revert "efl: terrible kludge so avoid termination crash on osx"Stefan Schmidt
This reverts commit 9368eedd353a88dd31ba50c71433f81a2978adb5. The release is out so we can revert this bandaid again. In the hope to find the real culprit and solution before the next release.
2017-08-07elm: rename elm panes to Efl.Ui.PanesAmitesh Singh