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2018-04-12test_ui_stack: Add test using Efl.Ui.Stack classdevs/jaehyun/efl_ui_naviframeJaehyun Cho
Add test using Efl.Ui.Stack, Efl.Ui.Navigation_Layout, and Efl.Ui.Navigation_Bar classes. Navigation_Bar widget is set into Navigation_Layout widget and Navigation_Layout widget is pushed into Stack widget.
2018-04-12efl_ui_navigation_bar: Add Efl.Ui.Navigation_Bar classJaehyun Cho
Efl.Ui.Navigation_Bar is a widget which provides a bar form useful for navigation.
2018-04-12efl_ui_navigation_layout: Add Efl.Ui.Navigation_Layout classJaehyun Cho
Efl.Ui.Navigation_Layout is a widget which provides a layout form useful for navigation.
2018-04-12efl_ui_stack: Add Efl.Ui.Stack classJaehyun Cho
Efl.Ui.Stack is a container arranges objects in stack structure by pushing and popping them.
2018-04-12efl_canvas_object: Add events for state changes of object's animationJaehyun Cho
Add events to notice the state changes of canvas object's animation. anim_started, anim_running, and anim_ended events are added.
2018-04-12evas - loading extension query - fix to not skip small extensionsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
since this can take an extension as well as a file path (extension being .gif or .jpeg etc.) it would skip if passed a small extension only (5 chars or less). fix and this fixes e's thumbnailing too for some files. @fix
2018-04-12evas: apply fribidi bracket types to show paired bracket properlyYoungbok Shin
Summary: The fribidi couldn't reorganize paired brackets (Ex. '(', ')') when there is RTL + LTR text. According to TR9(, it has to be shown properly without LRM or RLM. Also, from the fribidi 1.0.0, fribidi_get_par_embedding_levels() was deprecated. It is replaced with fribidi_get_par_embedding_levels_ex() which is including paired brankets rules from TR9. @feature Test Plan: 1. Create a elm_entry. 2. Set a text by calling text_set. elm_entry_entry_set(entry, "مرحبا Hello (40)"); 3. Run and see the results. - Without this patch or fribidi 1.X.X, it will show text like this... "(Hello (40 مرحبا" - With this patch and fribidi >= 1.0.0 "Hello (40) مرحبا" Reviewers: raster, cedric, herdsman, woohyun Reviewed By: herdsman Differential Revision:
2018-04-12efl_canvas_object: Change parameter name of property event_animationJaehyun Cho
Change the parameter name of property event_animation from "event_type" to "desc" to synchronize with other APIs. (The parameter type is Efl.Event.Description)
2018-04-11ecore_wl2: Fix ecore_wl2_window_output_findDerek Foreman
Window geometry x, y are the offset from the top left corner of the buffer, and not screen co-ordinates, so has nothing to do with output geometry and can't be used to determine which window we're on. Now that we track surface enter/leave events we can just give the first output in the list of outputs we know we're on.
2018-04-11ecore_wl2: Properly handle minimize request before shell surface existsDerek Foreman
If we're asked to iconify a window before it's visible we need to track this and apply the state as soon as we create the shell surface. fix T6834
2018-04-11ecore_wl2: Stop pretending to fully control minimized stateDerek Foreman
Under wayland we can set minimized but not unset it, nor can we tell if it's been unset. This means we can't cache the value, we need to make the protocol request any time ecore_wl2_window_iconified_set is called. ref T6834
2018-04-11ecore_wl2: Remove (beta) API ecore_wl2_window_iconified_getDerek Foreman
We actually can't ever query this, it's clearly defined that way in the protocol. There is absolutely no way to ever know if we're iconified. ref T6834
2018-04-11tests: Fix compilation when timing is disabled.Lauro Moura
Reviewers: zmike, cedric Reviewed By: zmike Differential Revision:
2018-04-11efl_ui_focus_manager_calc: call next after requesting a subchildMarcel Hollerbach
requesting subchild for subchild is not a good idea, as it really only fetches for a subchild, and never calls next and escapes the children of the passed node. fix T6793
2018-04-11efl_ui_focus: Add missing EINA_UNUSED for unused function parametersChris Michael
2018-04-11ecore-evas: Remove unused variableChris Michael
2018-04-11eolian: simplify class validation logicDaniel Kolesa
2018-04-11eolian: better/more robust class inheritance list replacementDaniel Kolesa
2018-04-11theme: button - fix the warning.Amitesh Singh
This fixed following warning elementary/themes/edc/efl/button.edc:4:19: warning: `ICON' redefined
2018-04-11theme: spin button - remove elm spin btn inheritance.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: panes - remove elm panes inheritance.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: pointer - remove elm pointer inheritance.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11themes: tooltip - remove elm tooltip inheritance.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: photocam: define theme based on new theme components.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: popup - define popup alert theme based on new themeAmitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: list - remove elm scroller, elm list item inheritance.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: text - use efl/scroller theme group instead.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: textpath - remove elm textpath inheritance.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: video - remove elm video inheritanceAmitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: win - remove elm win inheritanceAmitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: slider - remove elm slider inheritance.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: scroller - remove elm scroller inheritanceAmitesh Singh
2018-04-11themes: cursor - remove elm cursor inheritance.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11themes: frame - remove elm frame inheritance.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: focus - remove elm focus highlight inheritance.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: calendar - remove elm btn inheritance.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: border - remove elm border inheritanceAmitesh Singh
and add full edc theme.
2018-04-11theme: bg - remove the elm bg inheritanceAmitesh Singh
2018-04-11elc_popup: no need to make them focusableMarcel Hollerbach
if they have content the content will be focusable, if there is no content the rect of root_focus will be focused instead.
2018-04-11efl_ui_focus_manager_root_focus: maintain focus state over state evalMarcel Hollerbach
the rect is unregistered and registered again, if it was focused, still focus it.
2018-04-11elm_suite: a new testcase for checking focus chains with redirectsMarcel Hollerbach
2018-04-11ecore ipc - fix send to skip data payload if null/0Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
conversion to efl.nmet didnt deal with null/0 zised payloads properly and tried to send them, resulting in lots of ERR complaints which were not errors. fix that to not try and send such empty payloads @fix
2018-04-10ecore_evas: remove dead code.Cedric Bail
2018-04-10evas: we directly use the main loop, we do not need external integration ↵Cedric Bail
2018-04-10evas: protection during canvas shutdown.Cedric Bail
2018-04-10efl_canvas_animation_player: Reset map after animation is finishedJaehyun Cho
Previously, beginning state of animation is applied after animation is finished if final_state_keep_get() is false. Now, map is reset (no animation is applied) after animation is finished if final_state_keep_get() is false.
2018-04-10efl_canvas_animation_player: Change Running_Event_Info to Event_RunningJaehyun Cho
To synchronize other types of event info, Efl_Canvas_Animation_Player_Running_Event_Info is changed to Efl_Canvas_Animation_Player_Event_Running. Remove unused struct.
2018-04-10ecore_file: switch from buf to tmpstrMarcel Hollerbach
before c65782b15c0af7c25c5506cdf79cbbfa39604fec the acutal path has been filled into buf, with eina_file_mkstemp the string is filled into tmpstr, so that path should be chmoded instead of the template buf. Thx to MatP for the report!
2018-04-10elm_suite: fixup test suiteMarcel Hollerbach
the testcase was only added, but not executed, my bad!
2018-04-10ecore_evas_wayland: handle 0x0 content problemShinwoo Kim
Someone could NOT use elementary and use ecore_evas only. In this case, content size which is defined by elementary is 0x0. If content size is 0x0, then frame size is equal to window size. But the frame size is defined by elementary as well. So if there is not a content, then the frame size should be 0.