AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-12-06elm_entry: remove warning during constructdevs/jpeg/eo_themeSungtaek Hong
2017-12-06efl_ui_text: apply new theme logic and use constructor/destructorYoungbok Shin
2017-12-06efl_ui_clock: Apply lazy edc.Woochan Lee
2017-12-06efl_ui_multibuttonentry: Apply lazy edc, code clean up.Woochan Lee
2017-12-06tests: Fix Gfx Filters test caseJean-Philippe Andre
2017-12-06eo: Remove trailing newline in ERR messageJean-Philippe Andre
2017-12-06efl/calendar.edc: fix redefinition errorWooHyun Jung
2017-12-06efl_ui_calendar: apply new theme policyWooHyun Jung
2017-12-06efl_ui_popup: Fix class namesJaehyun Cho
2017-12-06efl_ui_popup_alert: refactor popup_alert_partSungtaek Hong
2017-12-06elm: introduce ELM_PART_OVERRIDE_PARTIALSungtaek Hong
2017-12-06efl_ui_popup: remove unnecessary overidesSungtaek Hong
2017-12-06efl_ui_spin_button: Replace legacy widgets to efl ui widgets.Woochan Lee
2017-12-06efl_ui_popup: apply new theme logic for alert_scroll, alert_textSungtaek Hong
2017-12-06efl_ui_popup: apply new theme logic for efl_ui_popupSungtaek Hong
2017-12-06elm_code_widget: change efl_add to legacy_addSungtaek Hong
2017-12-06efl_ui_widget: make Elm.Widget.theme, Elm.Widget.theme_object internalSungtaek Hong
2017-12-06efl_ui_widget: find theme just once in layout inherited widgetSungtaek Hong
2017-12-06efl_ui_widget: use elm_widget_element_update to set subobj edcSungtaek Hong
2017-12-06efl_ui_widget: find new edc resource for efl_ui_widgetsSungtaek Hong
2017-12-06efl_ui_widget: add new internal EAPI for new group nameSungtaek Hong
2017-12-06elm: Use EFL_UI_WIN_CLASS to check if an object is windowShinwoo Kim
2017-12-06elm: Fix _elm_widget_onscreen_is for windowShinwoo Kim
2017-12-06edje: rename Edje.Object to Efl.Canvas.LayoutAmitesh Singh
2017-12-06Efl.Canvas.Object.eo: indent correctionAmitesh Singh
2017-12-06update gitignore.Amitesh Singh
2017-12-05eo: add definition of function backMarcel Hollerbach
2017-12-05eo: Update header for readabilityAndy Williams
2017-12-05efl_ui_focus_user/object: fix api duplicationMarcel Hollerbach
2017-12-05efl_ui_focus_manager: fix api duplicationMarcel Hollerbach
2017-12-05eolian cxx: free state on exitDaniel Kolesa
2017-12-05eolian: pass state where necessaryDaniel Kolesa
2017-12-05eolian: add initial refcounting for database objectsDaniel Kolesa
2017-12-05eolian: pass unit within validation engineDaniel Kolesa
2017-12-05eolian: contain master state in a larger structureDaniel Kolesa
2017-12-05eolian: add API for master unit creationDaniel Kolesa
2017-12-05eolian: create an actual unit structure for filesDaniel Kolesa
2017-12-05elm_widget: simplify _eval_registration_candidateYeongjong Lee
2017-12-05build: fix examples build without c# bindings enabledStefan Schmidt
2017-12-05edje: rename intf Efl.Canvas.Layout_Group to Efl.Layout.GroupAmitesh Singh
2017-12-05edje: rename intf Efl.Canvas.Layout_Calc to Efl.Layout.CalcAmitesh Singh
2017-12-05edje: rename intf Efl.Canvas.Layout.Signal to Efl.Layout.SignalAmitesh Singh
2017-12-05c#: Fix test caseJean-Philippe Andre
2017-12-05ecore_wl2: Fix a warningJean-Philippe Andre
2017-12-05eo: Move hacky API auto_unref to C onlyJean-Philippe Andre
2017-12-05cxx: Fix compilation after mergeJean-Philippe Andre
2017-12-05cxx: Define types after forward declarationsJean-Philippe Andre
2017-12-05cxx: Include edje from elementaryJean-Philippe Andre
2017-12-05cxx: Fix one conversion to Eina_ValueJean-Philippe Andre
2017-12-05cxx: Update slider exampleJean-Philippe Andre