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2013-10-11eina: use Eina_Spinlock for Eina_Log.Cedric Bail
2013-10-11eina: add Eina_Spinlock API.Cedric Bail
2013-10-11eina: move header detection to the appropriate section.Cedric Bail
2013-10-11ecore_imf_example: notify the cursor information in focus-in handlerJihoon Kim
2013-10-11ecore-con - followup commit to curl dynamic load - support win and osx namesCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-10-10Merge branch 'subsurfaces'Rafael Antognolli
2013-10-10ecore/wayland: Add subsurface handling APIs.Rafael Antognolli
2013-10-10ecore/wayland: Add and initialize subcompositor inside Ecore_Wayland.Rafael Antognolli
2013-10-10ecore/wayland: detect wayland-scannerU. Artie Eoff
We need the wayland-scanner program to auto-generate the subsurface protocol source files from subsurface.xml Signed-off-by: U. Artie Eoff <>
2013-10-10configure - wayland macro required for any kind of not good.Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-10-10adding wayland subsurfaces protocol file.Rafael Antognolli
2013-10-10ecore-con: make curl support entirely runtime loaded via eina_moduleCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
this makes curl support a pure runtime-only thing. libcurl is loaded by eina_module (dlopen/dlsym) when curl is actually first needed (when a url connection/object is created). this means that ecore-con has no link or compile dependencies on curl, only runtime, AND this saves memory (due to curl inits using apparently a chunk of private pages). so this saves memory and moves the dependency to runtime (though still consider libcurl a dependency of efl - but like a binary executed, it's at runtime).
2013-10-09emotion: add two events to trigger when a webcam is plugged or unpluggedMichaël Bouchaud (yoz)
2013-10-05also unbreak ecore-wl header with previous reverts...discomfitor
2013-10-05Revert "ecore/wayland: Add subsurface handling APIs."discomfitor
This reverts commit 65b960f4a60442edcd66082ccc1828b80a49885c. Conflicts: src/lib/ecore_wayland/ecore_wl.c
2013-10-05Revert "ecore/wayland: Add and initialize subcompositor inside Ecore_Wayland."discomfitor
This reverts commit 7994b62c6be0368a2b4dcd038de5f25556cb6842.
2013-10-05Revert "adding wayland subsurfaces protocol file."discomfitor
This reverts commit ad27efcb397f3dc8da670180784991f876841e01.
2013-10-05configure - wayland macro required for any kind of not good.Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-10-05Adding italian entries in desktop filesmaxerba
2013-10-04evas/image: Add video surface caps.Rafael Antognolli
Wayland subsurfaces can be used as video surfaces too, similarly to Ecore_X windows. However, they support a different set of features. Some of them, like subsurface clipping and scaling, might be added in the future, but so far we must work with what we have. This commit allows to set an enum bitfield to the Video_Surface, with the default value being one that will keep the same behavior as before, for Ecore_X window. Thus, backward compatibility should not be broken. It's possible to inform Evas that the surface in question is not able to resize or scale, or that it's above or below the original canvas surface. This allows Evas to show the surface itself, or use a buffer of pixels instead, when the capabilities are not available.
2013-10-04evas/image: Delay some video overlay operations.Rafael Antognolli
If we are running on async render, some operations must be delayed, so they will happen at the same time that the canvas rendering result gets updated on the window/surface.
2013-10-04evas/image: Take framespace into account when moving video surface.Rafael Antognolli
2013-10-04ecore/wayland: Add subsurface handling APIs.Rafael Antognolli
2013-10-04ecore/wayland: Add and initialize subcompositor inside Ecore_Wayland.Rafael Antognolli
2013-10-04adding wayland subsurfaces protocol file.Rafael Antognolli
2013-10-04eina: handle more compiler strangeness for bswap.Cedric Bail
So current order is : - __builtin_bswap*() for compiler that provide it - _byteswap_*() for MSVC - bswap_*() for older Linux and some BSD - own C code when everything else fall appart. The reason for this order is that the builtin will always generate the best assembly possible. On my system bswap_*() are not changing in all version to the best solution as they are almost equivalent to the C macro.
2013-10-04eina: in case of an error we should exit not continue and manipulate dead data.Cedric Bail
This should fix a warning catched by LLVM/Clang.
2013-10-03Revert "evas/textblock - null check."Tom Hacohen
I'm sorry, but those kind of commit messages are unacceptable for code I'm the only maintainer of. It's bad enough that to have them in the project in general, but this I won't accept. I wanted to review this commit, but the lack of explanation about what you are trying to fix and why you think this is the good fix prevents me from doing my job. However, without really looking too much into it, this commit looks wrong. evas_textblock_cursor_format_is_visible_get should verify there's a format node... Please come up with a better commit message and re-commit. This reverts commit fe33aa74084aa383fb880ce9a32fa17663c41346.
2013-10-04evas/textblock - null check.ChunEon Park
2013-10-04eina/eina_file - fix eina_file_map_lines() to not drop of one character in ↵ChunEon Park
the last line.
2013-10-02evas: more fix for ellipsis.Cedric Bail
This one fix size of the object that didn't take into account the style of the text since we added the support of ellipsis in Evas. It also correctly detect when we insert an ellipsis in the text to relayout properly on resize.
2013-10-02evas: we actually need to take those additional value into account.Cedric Bail
2013-10-02eina: update the ChangeLog and NEWS.Cedric Bail
2013-10-02ecore_ipc: use the new eina_swap*().Cedric Bail
2013-10-02eina: add infrastructure to handle more CPU and compiler builtin information.Cedric Bail
2013-10-02Evas Textblock: Use font underline properties.Tom Hacohen
This change causes textblock to use the font properties when drawing underline.
2013-10-02Evas font: Added functions to query the underline properties.Tom Hacohen
This will let us query the position and thickness as requested by the font.
2013-10-02evas - more deadlocks found. fixed.Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-10-02evas - fix deadlock in preload that we seemm to never have hit before...Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-10-02evas: fix Evas_Object_Text alignment with ellipsis.Cedric Bail
2013-10-01examples/ecore: don't use ECORE_CON_LIBSU. Artie Eoff
We can't use ECORE_CON_LIBS at the examples/ "make" context since it defines libraries relative to the src/ directory (e.g. lib/ecore/ Use ECORE_CON_COMMON_LDADD instead. This fixes the following link error with ecore_fd_handler_gnutls_example when the project is configured with --with-crypto=gnutls: libtool: link: cannot find the library `lib/ecore/' Signed-off-by: U. Artie Eoff <>
2013-10-01examples/ecore: ecore_pipe_gstreamer_example must go in HAVE_GSTREAMER guardU. Artie Eoff
Only specify ecore_pipe_gstreamer_example in EXTRA_PROGRAMS inside the HAVE_GSTREAMER makefile guard. Fixes: Signed-off-by: U. Artie Eoff <>
2013-10-01evas - clean up tiler code a lot and remove old commented out stuffCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-10-01evas - try cleanup pipe_region_intersects again.. this time without bugs.Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-10-01evas: fix some ellipsis case.Cedric Bail
2013-10-01evas: try to set EAPI correctly.Cedric Bail
2013-10-01evas: reduce number of relayout of text object to the strict minimum.Cedric Bail
2013-10-01evas: add JPEG 2000 loader.Vincent Torri
This add finally support for JPEG 2000, but be aware that libopenjpeg is very badly managed. There is currently only version 1.5.x that does provide the right files, is usable by a third party and portable. You can seriously forget any other version.
2013-10-01evas: make Evas_Loader.h a real public API.Cedric Bail
2013-09-30Evas textblock: Moved relayout checks to a function.Tom Hacohen
This cleans up the code a bit and makes it a bit simpler.