AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-23build test fixupdevs/stefan/ci-testStefan Schmidt
2019-09-23ci: add back target to do out-of-tree test buildMike Blumenkrantz
2019-09-23eina_log: do not fallback to INFO when we run with systemd supportMarcel Hollerbach
2019-09-23elementary_codegen: check before use to avoid use after freeStefan Schmidt
2019-09-23efl_ui_exact_model: fix always true conditionStefan Schmidt
2019-09-23efl_ui_selection_manager: free allocated memory after local useStefan Schmidt
2019-09-23efl_ui_textpath: make sure variables are not uses uninitializedStefan Schmidt
2019-09-23efl_ui_scrollable: remove ui_scrollable_interactive and move all into ui_scro...WooHyun Jung
2019-09-23test: Add a logic to check a size of CheckWonki Kim
2019-09-23elm/layout: remove check for finalize in efl_canvas_group_change implMike Blumenkrantz
2019-09-23Use EFL version for doc tarball, not meson versionRoss Vandegrift
2019-09-23docs: Typos in Efl.ObjectXavi Artigas
2019-09-23efl_ui : fix possible memory leak on model compressingSangHyeon Jade Lee
2019-09-21efl_ui_collection: protect against invalid accessMarcel Hollerbach
2019-09-21efl_ui_bg: implement load_controller and efl.gfx.image via compositionMarcel Hollerbach
2019-09-21efl_gfx_image: remove ptr()Marcel Hollerbach
2019-09-21efl_ui_image: implement Efl.Gfx.Image and Efl.Gfx.Image_Load_ControllerMarcel Hollerbach
2019-09-21elementary: make our tests work againMarcel Hollerbach
2019-09-21efl ui widget - call parent constructor before doing more initCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2019-09-20csharp: Guard hash usage behind EFL_BETA.Lauro Moura
2019-09-20eolian_mono: add more verbs to generate C# method beginning with verbJaehyun Cho
2019-09-20eolian: rename any_value_ptr -> any_value_ref for consistencyDaniel Kolesa
2019-09-20eolian: string(share) is always const, allow in events out of boxDaniel Kolesa
2019-09-20eolian: make hashes beta-only for nowDaniel Kolesa
2019-09-20Use proper Eolian syntax for default values instead of docsXavi Artigas
2019-09-20csharp: Add support for default param references in documentationLauro Moura
2019-09-20efl_ui_factory: improve docsMarcel Hollerbach
2019-09-20efl.ui.scrollbar: fix event name for scrollbarHosang Kim
2019-09-20build: switch build type to release for nowStefan Schmidt
2019-09-20efl_ui_scroll_util: add null check after callocWooHyun Jung
2019-09-19efl_io_model: next try to fix this race conditionMarcel Hollerbach
2019-09-19elementary: Efl.Ui.Widget_Factory bind widget property before finalizing the ...Cedric BAIL
2019-09-19elementary: leverage sizing information from model if available to avoid unec...Cedric BAIL
2019-09-19efl_ui_position_manager: a way to announce new entitiesMarcel Hollerbach
2019-09-19efl: improve Efl.Boolean_Model test to enforce Eina_Value type too.Cedric Bail
2019-09-19ecore: remove unused piece of code.Cedric Bail
2019-09-19ecore: properly initialize all field in event generated by Efl.Generic_ModelCedric Bail
2019-09-19ecore: properly initialize the event structure in Efl.Generic_Model.Cedric Bail
2019-09-19eina: add code to help debug leaking Eina_Value.Cedric Bail
2019-09-19eina: add eina_mempool_iterator_new to slowly iterate every allocated pointer...Cedric Bail
2019-09-19efl_ui_layout_part_table: implement missing APIMarcel Hollerbach
2019-09-19efl_ui_layout_part_*: declare stableMarcel Hollerbach
2019-09-19efl_ui_widget_*: declare parts stableMarcel Hollerbach
2019-09-19efl_ui_layout_part_box/table: remove real_part_setMarcel Hollerbach
2019-09-19efl_ui_layout_part_table: implement Efl.Pack.pack APIMarcel Hollerbach
2019-09-19efl_ui_widget_part: implement all the missing APIMarcel Hollerbach
2019-09-19efl_test_multi_selectable: test for the correct eventMarcel Hollerbach
2019-09-19elm_test_widget_focus: cleanup callbacks correctlyMarcel Hollerbach
2019-09-19efl_ui_collection: fix null pointer dereferencesYeongjong Lee
2019-09-19eo: custom created legacy events should be unfreezableMarcel Hollerbach