AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-04-12ssg:Added asset class and parsing of "asset" property for lottiedevs/subhransu/ssgsubhransu mohanty
2018-04-12lottie: updated example and lottie parsersubhransu mohanty
2018-04-12lottie: disable unit testsubhransu mohanty
2018-04-12lottie: moved lottiemodel to include foldersubhransu mohanty
2018-04-12ssg: add path interpolator classsubhransu mohanty
2018-04-12lottie: rename drawable to path object.subhransu mohanty
2018-04-12ssg: add a efl application to ssgsubhransu mohanty
2018-04-12lottie: added paint node processorsubhransu sekhar mohanty
2018-04-12lottie: add path operation to the lottie treesubhransu mohanty
2018-04-12lottie: make all path objects derive from drawable object.subhransu mohanty
2018-04-12lottie: make all lotti node as shared nodesubhransu mohanty
2018-04-12lottie: compute static property of lottie node.subhransu mohanty
2018-04-12lotti: added a debug flag to debug the lottie parsersubhransu mohanty
2018-04-12lottie: use make_shared instead of reset() for shared_ptr.subhransu mohanty
2018-04-12lottie: add a visitor to process repeater object.subhransu mohanty
2018-04-12lottie: use shared_ptr for memory footprint optimizationsubhransu mohanty
2018-04-12lottie: Add a test lottie filesubhransu sekhar mohanty
2018-04-12lottie: Fixed the parsing logicsubhransu mohanty
2018-04-12ssg: added lottie model classsubhransu mohanty
2018-04-12lottie: added some sample lottie file and its format descriptionsubhransu mohanty
2018-04-12ussg: added a new ssg librarysubhransu mohanty
2018-04-12efl_canvas_object: Change parameter name of property event_animationJaehyun Cho
2018-04-11ecore_wl2: Fix ecore_wl2_window_output_findDerek Foreman
2018-04-11ecore_wl2: Properly handle minimize request before shell surface existsDerek Foreman
2018-04-11ecore_wl2: Stop pretending to fully control minimized stateDerek Foreman
2018-04-11ecore_wl2: Remove (beta) API ecore_wl2_window_iconified_getDerek Foreman
2018-04-11tests: Fix compilation when timing is disabled.Lauro Moura
2018-04-11efl_ui_focus_manager_calc: call next after requesting a subchildMarcel Hollerbach
2018-04-11efl_ui_focus: Add missing EINA_UNUSED for unused function parametersChris Michael
2018-04-11ecore-evas: Remove unused variableChris Michael
2018-04-11eolian: simplify class validation logicDaniel Kolesa
2018-04-11eolian: better/more robust class inheritance list replacementDaniel Kolesa
2018-04-11theme: button - fix the warning.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: spin button - remove elm spin btn inheritance.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: panes - remove elm panes inheritance.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: pointer - remove elm pointer inheritance.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11themes: tooltip - remove elm tooltip inheritance.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: photocam: define theme based on new theme components.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: popup - define popup alert theme based on new themeAmitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: list - remove elm scroller, elm list item inheritance.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: text - use efl/scroller theme group instead.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: textpath - remove elm textpath inheritance.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: video - remove elm video inheritanceAmitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: win - remove elm win inheritanceAmitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: slider - remove elm slider inheritance.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: scroller - remove elm scroller inheritanceAmitesh Singh
2018-04-11themes: cursor - remove elm cursor inheritance.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11themes: frame - remove elm frame inheritance.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: focus - remove elm focus highlight inheritance.Amitesh Singh
2018-04-11theme: calendar - remove elm btn inheritance.Amitesh Singh