AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-12Attribute factory: default the tag to span if NULL.devs/tasn/ifacesTom Hacohen
2019-10-12Markup serializer: split to a base class and remove the legacy one.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12A way to get the base attribute type of an attribute.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Cursor: follow notes.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Remove commetns that have been addressed.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Move to the new style object.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Remove redundant code.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12More attribute implementation.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Add back attribute factory and add some propertiesTom Hacohen
2019-10-12Remove unused code.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Implement bidi delimiters set/get.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Remove item and attribute factories.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Add item providers.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Remove uses of the now removed ptr()Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Add a way to get the singleton of the markup class.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Move vertical align back into canvas text.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Add comment.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Cursor: emit changed signal on position_set.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Rename changed,user -> changed,user,pre.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Cursor: add a function to set the text objcet directly.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Add a comment.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Make canvas.text use the old text styles for now.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Add a markup legacy class.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Textblock: remove the style attribute.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Update and rename markup class.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Automatically update layout on obstacle changes.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Minor change.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Rename obstacle_del to obstacle_remove.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Raw editable: change replacemnt char to a codepoint.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Raw editable: fix cursor movements to handle cluters and words correctly.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Fix word start/end and implement grapheme start/end.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Fix content get for paragraph separators.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Fix fixme.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Fix cursor_prev when jumping paragraphs.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Improvements.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Fix segfault in cursor free.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12rename to use newline_as_paragraphAli Alzyod
2019-10-12Cursor: Fix the setting of cur_obj.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Attribute for anchors: make const.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12comments.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Input text.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Add comments.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Fix cursor_word_start.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Canvas text: fix jump by.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Emit cursor changed events on cursor.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Add comments.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Call the cursor changed user functions on the interactive cursor.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Remove redundant structures from ui.text.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Improve anchors and comments.Tom Hacohen
2019-10-12Add comments.Tom Hacohen