AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-05fix bug icons list and icon createdevs/thiep/copThiep Ha
2018-01-05remove warningsThiep Ha
2018-01-05change from efl_future to eina_futureThiep Ha
2018-01-05correct returned data, remove unused eventThiep Ha
2018-01-04remove optional in seat param since it is needed for waylandThiep Ha
2018-01-04add implementation for drag container legacy api, free dataThiep Ha
2018-01-03check window instead of building typeThiep Ha
2017-12-29make legacy apis to use new interfacesThiep Ha
2017-12-27dnd: make drag_delay to property + anim time to configThiep Ha
2017-12-27efl_selection: change selection lost from event to futureThiep Ha
2017-12-26add type parameter to has_owner apiThiep Ha
2017-12-15add drag_obj to icon_funcThiep Ha
2017-12-15use eina_position2d, eina_slice, efl canvas objThiep Ha
2017-12-14move interfaces from efl to elementary, separate dnd to ui_dnd and ui_dnd_con...Thiep Ha
2017-12-11sel_manager: change api to betaThiep Ha
2017-12-08use new efl interfaces, remove commentsThiep Ha
2017-12-08win32: add implementation, not testedThiep Ha
2017-12-08cocoa: add implementation for cocoa, have not test yetThiep Ha
2017-12-08wayland: fix dnd bugsThiep Ha
2017-12-08wayland: use seat_id when get seatThiep Ha
2017-12-08add selection_has_owner apiThiep Ha
2017-12-08wayland: add dnd end handlerThiep Ha
2017-12-08wayland: fix sel, buildThiep Ha
2017-12-08dnd: add seat parameterThiep Ha
2017-12-08arrange codeThiep Ha
2017-12-08change variable names, remove warnings, fix drop_target_del func paramsThiep Ha
2017-12-08change seat to uint, remove unused vars, warningsThiep Ha
2017-12-08better struct names, remove warningsThiep Ha
2017-12-08wayland: add drop funcsThiep Ha
2017-12-08wayland: add drag_start funcThiep Ha
2017-12-08wayland: add convertersThiep Ha
2017-12-08wayland: add selection_getThiep Ha
2017-12-08change seat param from input device to int (seat id)Thiep Ha
2017-12-08add selection fixesThiep Ha
2017-12-08move vars from Sel Manager Private Data to Selection_Seat to support multiple...Thiep Ha
2017-12-08fix drop between winsThiep Ha
2017-12-08add drag containerThiep Ha
2017-12-08add drop for container, has not tested yetThiep Ha
2017-12-08add drop_container funcs; need to distinguish container and normal pos, drop ...Thiep Ha
2017-12-08add implementation for drag_action_set, drop_target_delThiep Ha
2017-12-08combine dnd_drag and dnd_drop into dnd interface for simple use of event (pos)Thiep Ha
2017-12-08use seat_id instead of seat_name, change event name...Thiep Ha
2017-12-08port drop to sel_managerThiep Ha
2017-12-08separate dnd and selection dataThiep Ha
2017-12-08add dnd for x11Thiep Ha
2017-12-08add support for seatsThiep Ha
2017-12-08x11: add data preparerThiep Ha
2017-12-08add converterThiep Ha
2017-12-08porting more function to sel manThiep Ha
2017-12-08change efl_cnp to use selection manager; use event for selection lossThiep Ha