Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* eio model: use empty mime type when efreet is unable to determine itdevs/vitorsousa/T4502Vitor Sousa2016-09-231-2/+2
* ecore-drm2: Use Atomic State to enable/disable an outputChris Michael2016-09-231-10/+13
* ecore-drm2: Remove useless if check for atomic_modeset flagChris Michael2016-09-231-12/+8
* edje signal emits - enable DBG for being able to debug edj filesCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)2016-09-231-1/+1
* AUTHORS: add myself to the authors fileMarcel Hollerbach2016-09-231-0/+1
* elm_cnp: refactor selection_get callbacksMarcel Hollerbach2016-09-231-90/+105
* ecore_wl2: add more documentation on ecore_wl2 cnp/dnd apiMarcel Hollerbach2016-09-231-12/+57
* elm_cnp: handle actions probeblyMarcel Hollerbach2016-09-231-0/+15
* ecore_wl2: introduce offer apiMarcel Hollerbach2016-09-236-420/+597
* ecore_wl2: save action of data source in seperated fieldMarcel Hollerbach2016-09-232-6/+5
* text/entry: add more key controls for os xThiep Ha2016-09-234-0/+69
* ecore_cocoa: quit application with keyThiep Ha2016-09-231-0/+12
* evas_fb: Avoid invalid dereferenceJean-Philippe Andre2016-09-231-4/+3
* edje_cc: allow combine lazEDC keywordsJee-Yong Um2016-09-236-7/+72
* evas: Prevent crashes in case of errorJean-Philippe Andre2016-09-231-3/+6
* elm_image: Add smart cbs for async openJean-Philippe Andre2016-09-238-78/+246
* elm: _propagate_event should react only when the obj is focused objWooHyun Jung2016-09-231-0/+4
* eina-cxx: Implement aligned_union for GCC 4.9Felipe Magno de Almeida2016-09-222-1/+34
* drm: Fix typoeDerek Foreman2016-09-221-1/+1
* Merge branch 'devs/devilhorns/atomic'Chris Michael2016-09-224-41/+856
| * ecore-drm2: Merge initial modesetting with atomic flip codeDerek Foreman2016-09-221-21/+2
| * ecore-drm2: Use just DRM_MODE_ATOMIC_ALLOW_MODESET for initial settingChris Michael2016-09-221-1/+1
| * ecore-drm2: Add support for Atomic PageflipsChris Michael2016-09-221-31/+173
| * ecore-drm2: Add code to support setting DPMS levels via AtomicChris Michael2016-09-221-2/+43
| * ecore-drm2: Add code to use Atomic for Edid if availableChris Michael2016-09-221-3/+37
| * ecore-drm2: Add code to setup Plane Atomic state for OutputsChris Michael2016-09-221-0/+34
| * ecore-drm2: Add code to setup Connector Atomic state for OutputsChris Michael2016-09-221-0/+31
| * ecore-drm2: Add code to setup Crtc Atomic state for OutputsChris Michael2016-09-221-1/+40
| * ecore-drm2: Add code to free Atomic state on shutdownChris Michael2016-09-221-4/+20
| * ecore-drm2: Add code to fill Plane Atomic stateChris Michael2016-09-221-0/+159
| * ecore-drm2: Add code to fill Connector Atomic stateChris Michael2016-09-221-0/+100
| * ecore-drm2: Add code to fill Atomic Crtc StateChris Michael2016-09-221-2/+121
| * ecore-drm2: Add code to check if Atomic Modesettting is usableChris Michael2016-09-221-4/+55
| * ecore-drm2: Add private structures to support Atomic ModesettingChris Michael2016-09-221-0/+68
* elementary: Remove unused but set variable in test_imageChris Michael2016-09-221-2/+2
* elm: remove dulicate ELM_POPUP_ACTION_BUTTON_MAX definitionShuhrat Dehkanov2016-09-221-2/+0
* Update gitignore.Tom Hacohen2016-09-221-0/+1
* Eo: introducing libeo_dbg.so.Tom Hacohen2016-09-223-1/+23
* modules: emotion: fix event name after EFL Canvas Video convertStefan Schmidt2016-09-221-1/+1
* examples: emotion: fix event naming after convert to EFL Canvas ObjectStefan Schmidt2016-09-225-23/+23
* elm_image: Move back download events to legacy onlyJean-Philippe Andre2016-09-225-20/+139
* photocam: add missing EOLIAN prefixAmitesh Singh2016-09-221-1/+1
* scrollable_interface: fixed gravity_set() API.Hosang Kim2016-09-224-58/+40
* Revert "edje/edje_cc: use strncpy() instead of strcpy()."Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)2016-09-221-1/+1
* Revert "edje edje_embryo: use strncpy()."Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)2016-09-221-3/+4
* Revert "edje edje_cc_out: use strncpy()."Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)2016-09-221-3/+2
* ecore,ecore_con: simplify destructor by linking future life cycle with object.Cedric BAIL2016-09-213-19/+4
* Updating slovenian translationmaxerba2016-09-211-115/+112
* emotion: convert Emotion_Object into Efl.Canvas.VideoYeshwanth Reddivari2016-09-2110-226/+261
* emile: fix typos.Cedric BAIL2016-09-211-1/+1