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2016-09-19eina: populate memory in the right limit.efl-1.15Cedric BAIL
2016-04-19Revert "Set the name for table, box items"Cedric BAIL
This reverts commit 6f7608befd006f8076d237bee5d17c9e9e1e09ac. Item in table and box do not need names as they have an index. This is breaking ABI for edje application that rely on getting the index properly when a signal is emitted. To be precise, this did break elemines.
2015-12-26NEWS: Bump up the last version to 1.15.3.Daniel Juyung Seo
2015-12-15emile: fix compilation with --enable-liblz4Hein-Pieter van Braam
Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2015-12-08po: Update po files.v1.15.3Daniel Juyung Seo
2015-12-07release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.15.3 releaseDaniel Juyung Seo
2015-11-11ecore: thread - need to null check of function pointerShinwoo Kim
Summary: you can meet a segmentation fault without this patch Test Plan: please use the following snippet Ecore_Thread *th; th = ecore_thread_feedback_run(_heavy_cb, _notify_cb, NULL, NULL, obj, EINA_TRUE); ecore_thread_wait(th, 1.0); Reviewers: raster, Hermet, jaehwan, woohyun, cedric Reviewed By: cedric Subscribers: seoz Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2015-11-11edje: initialize map.zoom values to fix old *.edj compatibility issues.Youngbok Shin
Summary: The initial values for map.zoom.x(y) should be [1.0]: it means 100%. The values from newly builded edj has been set properly. But, if a part from old *.edj turns on map feature, map.zoom.x(y) will be set [0.0]: it means 0%. So, the part will be invisible. We need to initialize these values. @fix Test Plan: 1. Build a *.edc file which has a part with [ 1;] in EFL 1.13. 2. See it works well in EFL 1.13. 3. Install EFL 1.14 or laters. 4. See the part is disappear. Reviewers: Hermet, jpeg, cedric Reviewed By: cedric Subscribers: jiin.moon Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2015-10-20 ecore fb: Unbreak ecore_evas_fb.Chidambar Zinnoury
The ecore_evas_fb module uses ecore_fb_ts_* functions which are only available to EFL internals and not for the general API. However, EAPI not being defined in ecore_fb_private.h made the symbols not being exported at all, which in return made execution-time linking not finding them and thus failing.
2015-10-20 ecore fb: We shall look for the Ecore_Fb.h header only where needed.Chidambar Zinnoury
2015-10-14Eina: fix memory leak in eina_file_open()Vincent Torri
2015-10-14Eina: fix eina_file_current_directory_get()Vincent Torri
the length was not correctly computed and eina_file_path_sanitize() was was writing beyond the limit of the string @fix
2015-10-14Eina: fix spelling in eina_tmpstr documentationVincent Torri
2015-10-14Evil: set EAPI correctly in pwd.hVincent Torri
2015-10-13ecore_evas_convert: make sure we add all needed flags and deps for the buildStefan Schmidt
We got a report where ecore_evas_convert linked against some old libs installed in the system instead of the recent ones in-tree. While I was not able to reproduce this the flags and deps for ecore_evas_convert have been missing in any case and could be the culprit. Ref T2716
2015-10-13Ecore exe win32: Fix double-free errors.Tom Hacohen
As reported by vtorri, sometimes ecore_exe on win32 will encounter double free issues. This was because the variable was freed, but not set to NULL as expected by the cleanup function. Fixes T2675 @fix
2015-10-09Ecore_xcb_keymap: Fix memory leak in _ecore_xcb_keymap_finilizeMrunal Sovani
Summary: xcb_get_modifier_mapping_reply_t *reply is obtained from xcb_get_modifier_mapping_reply and should be freed after use. Reviewers: raster, Hermet, tasn, zmike Subscribers: singh.amitesh, yashu21985, alok25,, cedric Differential Revision: @fix
2015-10-07Evas filters: Fix crash with async sw renderingJean-Philippe Andre
If the filtered object (text or image object) was deleted, its output image (cached inside the filter data) would be freed immediately. This could cause crashes in case of async rendering. @fix
2015-10-06ecore_x: Remove XPrint usageDerek Foreman
Summary: Xprint has been deprecated since 2008. It's recently (August 2015) been removed from debian. Reviewers: zmike, devilhorns Subscribers: cedric Differential Revision:
2015-10-05release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.15.2 releasev1.15.2Daniel Juyung Seo
2015-10-05evas: include new header file in build to fix distcheckStefan Schmidt
Introduced in 72b13c3ebb0b5f117f3602871ec2842d4baac786 the new header was not deployed and thus not available in the tarball.
2015-10-04eldbus - make method calls less crasy since libdbus likes to abortCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
changes zmike made to e's systray make e abort due to libdbus seeing the bus name as invalid. it actually is. it's /org/ayatana/NotificationItem/steam for example - instead of or.whatever.blah - thuis e aborts continually if you run steam at all. eldbus should be more crash-proof thus this adds checks so dbus fun doesnt cause an app to crash if it happens to call incorrect dbus names. @fix
2015-10-02ector: don't leak cairo context.Cedric BAIL
2015-10-02edje_cc: Fix inheritance of "no_render" flagJean-Philippe Andre
2015-10-01eio: improve documentation.Cedric BAIL
This set of documentation update basically make it clearer that Eio use Eina and do cross linking of function used by Eio to Eina. It also copy some of the warning coming from Eina documentation into Eio.
2015-10-01eina: fix misleading documentation regarding enum values.Cedric BAIL
2015-10-01doc/eldbus: fix parameter in documentThiep Ha
Summary: The allow_initial_call apprears two times in eldbus_name_owner_changed_callback_add api. @fix Reviewers: seoz, Hermet Reviewed By: Hermet Subscribers: cedric, seoz Differential Revision:
2015-10-01evas: Add defines for GL_COLOR_EXT, GL_DEPTH_EXT, GL_STENCIL_EXTNicolas Aguirre
2015-09-30evas: move all GL safe define to a common header and use it.Cedric BAIL
2015-09-30evas: use void * instead of struct wl_* to avoid compilation issue on system ↵Cedric BAIL
without Wayland extention.
2015-09-30edje: fix a memory leak while iterating used color class.Cedric BAIL
2015-09-30ecore-audio: defer deletion of pulseaudio timer until after event processingMike Blumenkrantz
==27523== Invalid write of size 8 ==27523== at 0x9E855F5: _ecore_time_wrapper (ecore_audio_pulse_ml.c:132) ==27523== by 0x647E5CF: _ecore_call_task_cb (ecore_private.h:336) ==27523== by 0x647FB8B: _ecore_timer_expired_call (ecore_timer.c:733) ==27523== by 0x647F9EE: _ecore_timer_expired_timers_call (ecore_timer.c:686) ==27523== by 0x647B4CE: _ecore_main_loop_iterate_internal (ecore_main.c:1814) ==27523== by 0x647998E: ecore_main_loop_begin (ecore_main.c:983) ==27523== by 0x4E4F676: elm_run (elm_main.c:1099) ==27523== by 0x12801B: elm_main (test.c:1010) ==27523== by 0x1280C4: main (test.c:1021) ==27523== Address 0x20537208 is 8 bytes inside a block of size 56 free'd ==27523== at 0x4A07D6A: free (in /usr/lib64/valgrind/ ==27523== by 0x9E858ED: _ecore_pa_time_free (ecore_audio_pulse_ml.c:204) ==27523== by 0x108DB350: free_events (socket-client.c:109) ==27523== by 0x108DBA53: do_call (socket-client.c:157) ==27523== by 0x9E855F0: _ecore_time_wrapper (ecore_audio_pulse_ml.c:131) ==27523== by 0x647E5CF: _ecore_call_task_cb (ecore_private.h:336) ==27523== by 0x647FB8B: _ecore_timer_expired_call (ecore_timer.c:733) ==27523== by 0x647F9EE: _ecore_timer_expired_timers_call (ecore_timer.c:686) ==27523== by 0x647B4CE: _ecore_main_loop_iterate_internal (ecore_main.c:1814) ==27523== by 0x647998E: ecore_main_loop_begin (ecore_main.c:983) ==27523== by 0x4E4F676: elm_run (elm_main.c:1099) ==27523== by 0x12801B: elm_main (test.c:1010) ==27523== by 0x1280C4: main (test.c:1021) @fix
2015-09-30Ecore win32: Fix compilation.Tom Hacohen
Broke in commit 015040d13f1340529cf31ee73d6b25987c23a670. Please compile check before pushing.
2015-09-30ecore_win32: fix the mouse out behavior.ChunEon Park
Current win32 let the mouse out regardless of mouse down status. This is not quitely same with the x system so widget behaviors were not properly working. Make the widget behaviors about mouse-out same to x window system to keep the same behaviors on all window system always. @fix
2015-09-29upower: free version string splitsMike Blumenkrantz
2015-09-25ecore_evas-x11: unset withdrawn flag when showing the ecore evasMike Blumenkrantz
while the window map event seemed like a reasonable place to unset the withdrawn state at the time, studies and further tests have proven that the direct show callback is even more reasonable and effective ref T2745
2015-09-25ecore_evas-x11: unset withdrawn state when window is mappedMike Blumenkrantz
according to ICCCM 4.1.4: Newly created top-level windows are in the Withdrawn state. Once the window has been provided with suitable properties, the client is free to change its state... ... Only the client can effect a transition into or out of the Withdrawn state given that no external force can (according to spec) transition a window out of the withdrawn state, this must be done at a reasonable point. mapping the window seems like a reasonable point to me. fix T2745 ref 5954289c6ce1cd55ff212428291604b981438439 @fix
2015-09-23eldbus: add dbus_pending NULL checkThiep Ha
Summary: When we call dbus_connection_send_with_reply, the dbus_pending can be NULL. In this case, the next call dbus_pending_call_set_notify will cause application crash. We should check if dbus_pending is NULL before calling dbus API. @fix Reviewers: cedric Subscribers: englebass, cedric, seoz Differential Revision:
2015-09-19Edje Example: Fix wrong usage of evas_object_color_set APIYeshwanth Reddivari
Summary: Evas only handles pre multiplied colors. So use r,g,b values lesser than alpha to prevent error message. Signed-off-by: Yeshwanth Reddivari <> Reviewers:, singh.amitesh Reviewed By: singh.amitesh Subscribers: cedric Differential Revision:
2015-09-02evas - fix texture context bind reset in gl common using wrong textureSubhransu Mohanty
evas gl common was simply resetting to the wrong texture id in the gl context struct - it was using pipe[0] not state.current. why i don't know. i know i wrote the pipe[0] code many years ago - really don';t know. it may have been a transitional piece of code that just happened t6o work 99% of the time that never got fixe when i added pipes. @fix
2015-08-30Evas textblock: fix case of own_closer in style_setDaniel Hirt
Looks like it was assumed that an fnode->orig_format always ends with a '/' character if the fnode is an own_closer. The problem is that a paragraph separator ("ps" and "br" - the latter in legacy newline mode) is also an own_closer, but might not have '/' at the end, so decrementing the length is wrong. This fixes T2654. The example markup had "br" read as "b", which led to a mismatch with the "font_weight=Bold" tag. Coincidentally, "ps" was not affected as there was no matching "p" in the style. @fix
2015-08-29emile: fix can not parsing the EXIF info of the jpeg file which has IFD offsetjiin.moon
Summary: IFD offset of jpeg is not fixed. But emile support only 0x8 on now Reviewers: jypark, cedric, Hermet Reviewed By: Hermet Subscribers: cedric Differential Revision:
2015-08-27edje: Fix double free scenario caused by static pointer.Youngbok Shin
Summary: The result of evas_object_textblock_cursor_content_get() API has to be cleaned by outside. _edje_entry_cursor_content_get() is calling free() inside of the function for handle the result using static pointer. But, the caller of _edje_entry_cursor_content_get() is already handling the result using free(). It can cause double free problem. The bigger issue is in elementary. See elm_entry_cursor_content_get() API's document. The document advice developers to free the result when it is done. @fix Test Plan: N/A Reviewers: tasn, raster, woohyun Subscribers: cedric Differential Revision:
2015-08-27ecore_pipe: add write fdset and except fdset.Ji-Youn Park
ecore_pipe_wait can be run not only select but also _ecore_glib_select__locked. if write fdset is null, it make problem in FD_ISSET. @fix
2015-08-26ecore_wayland: bind and destroy session_recovery interface correctly.Stefan Schmidt
This was missing from the initial session recovery support patches. Bind the interface so we can actually work with it on the client side and destroy it at the end. @fix
2015-08-25release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.15.1 releasev1.15.1Daniel Juyung Seo
2015-08-24Evas language: fix script run codeDaniel Hirt
For script runs that start with an UNKNOWN character, the whole run was mistakenly identified as script type UNKNOWN. Also, refactored code a bit for readability. Fixes T2670. @fix
2015-08-24use SDL2 everywhereMike Frysinger
Some files were still including SDL-1 headers even though we only link against SDL2 libs. URL: Reported-by: Barnaby <> Reported-by: Romain Naour <>
2015-08-13ecore-wl: do not nul terminate dropsMike Blumenkrantz
the application can do this based on mime types. we should not be nul terminating incremental drop data @fix
2015-08-07ecore_evas: fix first render skip in several windowsJi-Youn Park
ecore_evas_first only can be set first render even though there are several windows. because of this, second or third ecore_evas loses chance to render first frame. @fix