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2016-01-05release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.17.0-alpha1 releasev1.17.0-alpha1Stefan Schmidt
2016-01-05edje: Fix compiler warning about set but not used variablesChris Michael
When compiling src/bin/edje, we end up with compiler warnings about 'pc' variable being set but not used. This patch just comments out (for now) those variables (as I am unsure if they are going to be used later or not). @fix Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2016-01-05pc: git ignore newly generated efl-js.pc fileStefan Schmidt
2016-01-05Evas: (try to) fix compilationJean-Philippe Andre
Not even sure if it's parallel compilation or not... classic case of works-for-me. Hopefully this should fix the build for others.
2016-01-05Evas: Fix compilation for GLXJean-Philippe Andre
Sorry, I forgot to check that :)
2016-01-05waylang-egl: Remove trailing spacesJean-Philippe Andre
2016-01-05wayland: Add support for TBM buffersJean-Philippe Andre
This is a follow up on the previous commits. The original patch on Phab was split in 3 parts (factorization, fix & this one). Adds support to both SHM and EGL. See D3501.
2016-01-05evas tbm: Fix compilation warningsJean-Philippe Andre
Previous patch used a wrong type... harmless but warned.
2016-01-05Evas_Engine: add TBM surface and clean up Native StructWonsik Jung
Summary: Add TBM surface in wayland and clean up Native struct on Evas Engine. Previous TBM surface for evas_object_image's native_surface_set is only in Evas X11 backend. This patch has the code for wayland backend. In addition, evas_native_tbm.c is moved to software_generic. Becuase this file is common. And, Native in Evas_Engine is clean-up. @feature Test Plan: TBM surface is tested with spacegrapher's test app(tbm.c) in Tizen Device. Pixmap surface is tested in ubuntu with same test app. EvasGL is tested with elementary_test. Reviewers: jpeg, spacegrapher, raster, cedric Subscribers: dkdk,, JoogabYun Differential Revision:
2016-01-05Evas filters: Final fix after the ector refactorJean-Philippe Andre
This implements a generic way of scaling buffers, using fake RGBA_Image wrapping ector buffer maps. The underlying algo is still the good old linear sw scaler. Now the filters *should* be back to their previous level of usability. Performance will probably be even worse than it was before, for GL, as more glReadPixels may be involved. Optimization now consists in actually implementing the filters with GL shaders.
2016-01-05Evas filters: Complete basic repairs for GL engineJean-Philippe Andre
Now the filters should work with the GL engine, again, but with a potentially crazy performance. Indeed, the input buffer is now backed by an FBO, that needs to be glReadPixel'ed everytime it is accessed by the filters (mapped).
2016-01-05Evas filters: Move evas image creation to the engineJean-Philippe Andre
Evas filters is now more and more unaware of evas images (RGBA_Image) and the engine + ector take care of everything. Still left to do: - map / unmap an FBO buffer into RO or RW memory
2016-01-05Evas filters: Add GL buffer backed by RGBA_ImageJean-Philippe Andre
Dumb implementation of a "smart" buffer capable of wrapping an RGBA_Image but that can still be rendered on screen (ie, an Evas_GL_Image is attached to it).
2016-01-05Evas: Fix make check after ector gl workJean-Philippe Andre
evas_ector is not meant to be public so remove it from the C++ bindings
2016-01-05Evas filters & Ector GL: Prepare ground work for GL buffersJean-Philippe Andre
This fixes crashes, adds safety, and notes a couple of things that are not yet implemented: - Make an Evas_GL_Image from an RGBA_Image so we can draw it on the canvas. This means Evas.Ector.GL.RGBA_Image.Buffer - Readable Evas_GL_Image objects with gl_read_pixels --> Implement proper map() & unmap() for GL buffers
2016-01-05Ector GL: Add skeletton for Evas.Ector.GL.Image.BufferJean-Philippe Andre
This is an ector buffer backed by an existing Evas_GL_Image
2016-01-05Evas filters: Relax limitations about colorspacesJean-Philippe Andre
Since Ector Buffer implicitly converts colorspaces, we can allow more commands to work even if they are suboptimal. Now all filters should support any combinaison of input, map/mask and output colorspaces.
2016-01-05Evas filters: Fix proxies following previous refactorJean-Philippe Andre
FIXME: - GL support is still shaky
2016-01-05Evas filters: Use Ector.Buffer instead of RGBA_ImageJean-Philippe Andre
This is a major refactoring of the evas filters submodule. Use Ector.Buffer and the map/unmap methods instead of directly accessing image buffers with RGBA_Image. RGBA_Image is still used under the hood, for two reasons: - Required for the final output (blend onto Evas itself) - Required for the scaling routines FIXME: - Breaks proxy support (ie. all kind of texturing). - This breaks filters support for the GL engine.
2016-01-05Evas filters: Minor debug improvementJean-Philippe Andre
2016-01-05evas: add a way to tests Ector_GL.Cedric BAIL
This is completely not supported/working/useful yet. Please do not complain about it ruinning your life.
2016-01-05ector: fix typo during computation of bounds_get.Cedric BAIL
2016-01-05ector: add Ector.GL.Buffer.* support.Jean-Philippe Andre
2016-01-05ector: initial implementation of our own Ector GL backend.Cedric BAIL
2016-01-05ector: add drawable flag to buffersJean-Philippe Andre
This indicates that a buffer can be used as a source to draw pixels. Can't they all do that? Well, not exactly. A CPU buffer can't be drawn by the GPU... not directly at least. That's what this flag is for.
2016-01-05ector eo: fix indentation (tabs --> spaces)Jean-Philippe Andre
Why? Why would an editor replace 8 spaces by a TAB? WHYYYYYY?
2016-01-05ector buffer: add COW access modeJean-Philippe Andre
In case you map a buffer once for read-only and once for write, we can generate a temporary copy and return that instead. This buffer will be copied back to the original surface once the COW surface is unmapped.
2016-01-05ector: on-the-fly convert sw buffers during map()Jean-Philippe Andre
Also use map to generate spans. This should simplify some filters code, making things work, albeit inefficiently. At least they should work. Fix doc too.
2016-01-05ector: track maps in software bufferJean-Philippe Andre
2016-01-05ector: add engine-specific evas image buffer wrapperJean-Philippe Andre
Since Evas still relies entirely on Image_Entry and Evas_GL_Image, we will need an engine-specific wrapper object creating a Buffer around an existing cached image. Currently only SW support is implemented. GL will be more fun to do (with glReadPixels and whatnot).
2016-01-05ector: add typedef Ector_BufferJean-Philippe Andre
2016-01-05ector: remove offset from Ector.Buffer.{map,unmap}Jean-Philippe Andre
It just makes things a bit more complicated and doesn't correspond to a classic "map" operation anyways. Also return void* instead of uint8_t*. This is more correct and avoid extra casts.
2016-01-05evas: provide ector with a way to get GL symbol.Cedric BAIL
2016-01-05ector: add an abstraction to get GL function.Cedric BAIL
2016-01-05Evas filters: Fix crazy code (only when DEBUG=1)Jean-Philippe Andre
2016-01-05Eo: Print object class name during Eo.Base ctor/dtorJean-Philippe Andre
Printing class_name(MY_CLASS) is useless information. Printing the object's real class name is much more useful.
2016-01-05Evas: Replace abort() by ERRJean-Philippe Andre
2016-01-05edje: custom state - if RTL flag is not set, return original descriptionAmitesh Singh
2016-01-04eina: update example for with eina_base64url_decode function.Srivardhan Hebbar
Summary: Depends on D3521 Signed-off-by: Srivardhan Hebbar <> Reviewers: cedric, jpeg Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2016-01-04eina: add test case for eina_base64url_decode API.Srivardhan Hebbar
Summary: Depends on D3521 Signed-off-by: Srivardhan Hebbar <> Reviewers: cedric, jpeg Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2016-01-04eina: update .h file to make decodeurl api visible.Srivardhan Hebbar
Summary: Signed-off-by: Srivardhan Hebbar <> Reviewers: jpeg, cedric Reviewed By: cedric Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2016-01-04edje_cc: abort when insert_before/after part doesn't existJee-Yong Um
Summary: edje_cc does not check whether insert_before/after part exists. edje_cc will notify a compilation error to developer when insert_before or insert_after part does not exist. T2513 Reviewers: Hermet, NikaWhite Subscribers: cedric, jpeg Maniphest Tasks: T2513 Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2016-01-04eina: return NULL iterator in all case, not only when safety check is turned on.Cedric BAIL
2016-01-04edje: add edje_object_color_class_clear()Jee-Yong Um
Summary: clear all color classes defined in edje object Reviewers: raster, jpeg Subscribers: woohyun, cedric, kimcinoo Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2016-01-04evas: create Eina_Vector2 structure and add
Summary: Only copy code from evas_3d_utils, rename evas to eina and add documentation. Reviewers: Hermet, raster, jpeg, cedric Reviewed By: jpeg, cedric Subscribers: jpeg Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2016-01-04evas: fix convex hull.perepelits.m
Summary: There were some problems with second and third vertices in the first triangle of convex hull. It is very hard to see this errors because it could cause an excess of triangles inside of convex hull, I have used blender to find them. Reviewers: raster, Hermet, cedric Reviewed By: cedric Subscribers: jpeg, artem.popov Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2016-01-04edje: implementation of Edje_3dperepelits.m
Summary: I have a strange feeling that I always commit the same code to edje-3d, I hope it will finish very soon. However here are some important new keywords, descriptors for them, methods for models, structure for providing animation in edje programs and some more changes. Reviewers: raster, Hermet, cedric Reviewed By: cedric Subscribers: jpeg, artem.popov Projects: #efl Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2016-01-04ecore_con: from ecore_con_connector to efl_network_connector.Srivardhan Hebbar
Summary: Changed ecore_con_connector.eo to efl_network_connector.eo as part of migrating to efl_network. Signed-off-by: Srivardhan Hebbar <> Reviewers: cedric, jpeg Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2016-01-04eina: update example with eina_strbuf_manage_read_only_new_length function.Srivardhan Hebbar
Summary: The example is to demonstrate the use of eina_strbuf_manage_read_only_new_length API. Signed-off-by: Srivardhan Hebbar <> Reviewers: jpeg, cedric Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2016-01-04evas: fix ply example after adding of new savers and loaders.perepelits.m
Summary: Before adding of new saver and loader for ply format we had a chance to set EVAS_CANVAS3D_SHADE_MODE_VERTEX_COLOR for every mesh, now we save only existing atributes and there are a lot of meshes we have to set EVAS_CANVAS3D_SHADE_MODE_VERTEX_COLOR. [FIX] Reviewers: cedric, raster, Hermet Subscribers: jpeg, artem.popov Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>