AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-22release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.20.6 releasev1.20.6Stefan Schmidt
2017-11-15genlist: fix state corruption of contentAndrii Kroitor
2017-11-15evas: Fix GL engineJean-Philippe Andre
2017-11-15Ctxpopup: resizing ctxpopup after its content is removedJinYong Park
2017-11-07Revert "ecore_wl2: Remove just the flush from the idle handler"Derek Foreman
2017-11-07efl net - handle proxy helper fails better and abort proxy lookupsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2017-11-07efl_gfx_path: fix typo in _path_bounds_getVitalii Vorobiov
2017-11-07ector: use cairo_pattern_add_color_stop_rgba in gradient_radialVitalii Vorobiov
2017-11-07emotion: Fix data race conditionChris Michael
2017-11-07evas-software-generic: Check for render engine function before callingChris Michael
2017-11-07ecore-drm2: Fix issue of not being able to set output modeChris Michael
2017-11-07edje_cc: fix item.max parsingAndrii Kroitor
2017-11-07edje_cc: fix program.filter descriptionAndrii Kroitor
2017-11-07edje_cc: fix text.align descriptionAndrii Kroitor
2017-11-07edje_cc: limit map.zoom to non-negative valuesAndrii Kroitor
2017-11-07edje_cc: move box and table properties documentationAndrii Kroitor
2017-11-07edje_cc: make color parsing consistentAndrii Kroitor
2017-11-07edje_cc: make bool parsing consistentAndrii Kroitor
2017-11-07edje_cc: fix spellingAndrii Kroitor
2017-11-07edje_cc: fix default color_class colorsAndrii Kroitor
2017-11-07edje_cc: move part_remove and program_remove to groupAndrii Kroitor
2017-11-07edje_cc: fix color_class descriptionAndrii Kroitor
2017-11-07edje_cc: fix incorrect type in minmul defaultsAndrii Kroitor
2017-11-07edje_cc: parse "fixed" as boolAndrii Kroitor
2017-11-07edje_cc: fix state.no_render descriptionAndrii Kroitor
2017-11-07edje_cc: fix color2 and color3 descriptionsAndrii Kroitor
2017-11-07edje_cc: add missing default values to documentationAndrii Kroitor
2017-11-07edje_cc: fix errors in documentationAndrii Kroitor
2017-11-07ecore_cocoa: fix the backspace keyJean Guyomarc'h
2017-11-07ecore: fix typo in documentationJean Guyomarc'h
2017-11-07eina: fix spelling errors in documentationBryce Harrington
2017-11-07evas: fix typo in eo fileJinYong Park
2017-11-07elementary index: fix wrong reference in its header documentYoungbok Shin
2017-11-07efl_wl: destroy extant shell surface upon surface deletionMike Blumenkrantz
2017-11-07efl_wl: more closely follow wl spec for input regionsMike Blumenkrantz
2017-11-07elm_tooltip: set parent window for windowed tooltipsMike Blumenkrantz
2017-11-07doc: add missing parameters and fix references for some elm widgetsThiep Ha
2017-11-07doc: enable elementary_examples buildingThiep Ha
2017-11-07example: improve location example, fix crashPrince Kumar Dubey
2017-11-07ecore_wl2: Remove just the flush from the idle handlerDerek Foreman
2017-11-07elm_code_widget: make sure the widget is cleared properly.Al Poole
2017-11-07evas: Prevent crash with image_data_getJean-Philippe Andre
2017-11-07elm_scroller: fix scrolling with key moveJeonghyun Yun
2017-11-07eina: fix eina_hash_stringshared_new to actually compute the hash on the poin...Cedric Bail
2017-11-07elementary: fix double assignmentPrince Kumar Dubey
2017-11-07eina: fix warning if EINA_SAFETY_CHECKS is disabledPrince Kumar Dubey
2017-11-07ecore_wayland: fix assigned value is never used.Subodh Kumar
2017-11-07edje_edit: duplicate assignment to variable.Subodh Kumar
2017-11-07evas gl generic/common - add more linking for gles mode to fix deb buildCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2017-11-07eolian: fix setter generation for @auto functionsDaniel Kolesa