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2017-05-15evas: Remove Evas.Coord from EOJean-Philippe Andre
This may be a bit more controversial... But Evas_Coord really is just an int and all the internals of EFL assume that the base coordinate type is a 32-bit int. So this type is a bit redondant and can't easily be changed to, say, a float or int64. Ref T5312
2017-05-15evas: Remove font_hinting from EOJean-Philippe Andre
We only need it in elm_config. This removes the type Evas_Font_Hinting_Flags from EO, as well as the functions font_hinting_set/get and font_hinting_can_hint. Ref T5312
2017-05-15evas: Remove evas touch_point from EOJean-Philippe Andre
Note: it seems the EAPI evas_touch_point_list_xy_get() was lst at some point, as it doesn't appear in the headers anymore. It looks like we fail to catch an ABI break! abi_checker didn't catch this!? Ref T5312
2017-05-15evas: Remove Evas_Border_Fill_Mode from EOJean-Philippe Andre
Ref T5312
2017-05-15evas: Remove Evas_Image_Orient from EOJean-Philippe Andre
Ref T5312
2017-05-15photocam: Move image_orient to legacyJean-Philippe Andre
This makes photocam implement Efl.Flipable and Efl.Orientation in order to use the proper API. image_orient is now split into two function calls. Ref T5312
2017-05-15evas: Remove some types from EOJean-Philippe Andre
Those are legacy only. Ref T5312
2017-05-15evas: Remove Evas_Callback_Type from EOJean-Philippe Andre
This moves the enum to legacy only, but in Evas_Common.h and not Evas_Legacy.h because some other legacy things are in Evas_Common.h Ref T5312
2017-05-15elm_widget: Remove widget_event_propagate from EOJean-Philippe Andre
It is an internal only API. Ref T5312 (one less use of a legacy type)
2017-05-15evas: Remove Evas_Text_Style_Type from EOJean-Philippe Andre
It belongs to legacy only... Evas.Text is not part of EO. Ref T5312
2017-05-15evas: Remove Evas_Font_Size from EOJean-Philippe Andre
Ref T5312
2017-05-14ecore_drm2: Fix use after freeDerek Foreman
In trying to clean up some code and fix a hypothetical buffer leak, I added a use after free error that can break rendering on the drm and gl_drm evas engines. Coverity did the heavy lifting for me on this one. Fix Coverity CID 1375047 Fix T5484
2017-05-12ee_drm: Remove some commented out codeDerek Foreman
I think this was intended as a reminder to do something that's already been done. Or something.
2017-05-12ecore_drm2: Add some safety checks for accessing dead fbsDerek Foreman
Accessing an fb after discarding it is bad karma, so we should log something if it ever happens.
2017-05-12ecore_drm2: refcount fbsDerek Foreman
Removes the previous "busy" flag, as now we might have an fb attached to multiple outputs at once, and need to be careful to destroy them only after they've been removed from all outputs. Removed the old "busy_set" API which nothing used, and renames fb_destroy to fb_discard to make it more clear that it's not immediately destroyed. It's all beta api, so I can do this.
2017-05-12evas: simplify fb engine.Cedric BAIL
2017-05-12evas: simplify buffer engine.Cedric BAIL
2017-05-12evas: stat introducing a concept of engine and output in the backend.Cedric BAIL
2017-05-12Shelf/Gadget themes... Update with proper horiz/vert theme strings for ↵Stephen 'Okra' Houston
future theme developers.
2017-05-12ecore-wl2: add functions for proxying a selection receive externallyMike Blumenkrantz
in some cases (e.g,, x11 bridged selections) it is necessary to use alternate means when transferring a selection, and so performing the entire piped receive is not necessary. instead, extend the lifetime of the data offer until the proxied receive has completed @feature
2017-05-12ecore-wl2: add function for setting a drag source's actions without a dragMike Blumenkrantz
in some cases it may be desired to have a drag data source without ever initiating a drag, so ensure that it's possible to set the actions of the source which will be passed for drag operations in this case @feature
2017-05-12ecore-wl2: add function for accepting a single mime typeMike Blumenkrantz
2017-05-12ecore-wl2: do not offer a null mime first in ecore_wl2_offer_mimes_set()Mike Blumenkrantz
this seems to have been done to account for the case where no mimes were passed, but sending null in this way is bad behavior for a client. the spec indicates that null should be sent only when no mimes are accepted @fix
2017-05-12ecore-wl2: add events for changes in keymap, selection, and kbd repeat rateMike Blumenkrantz
2017-05-12ecore-wl2: add 'cancelled' to Ecore_Wl2_Event_Data_Source_EndMike Blumenkrantz
it's impossible to know the result of a drag operation without this member
2017-05-12ecore-wl2: add display object to all eventsMike Blumenkrantz
this is required in order to determine which connection an event originated from
2017-05-12ecore-wl2: add const to internal function paramMike Blumenkrantz
2017-05-12ecore-wl2: add seat id to most eventsMike Blumenkrantz
seat id is required in order to handle multiseat environments
2017-05-12elm_cnp: only attempt to manage wl selections which are created by elm_cnpMike Blumenkrantz
use serials of the selections and events to avoid mangling external selections
2017-05-12ecore-wl2: emit serials in selection-related eventsMike Blumenkrantz
these allow apps to match the serial of their selection to the related event in order to avoid mangling selections from other components
2017-05-12ecore-wl2: change selection setting apis to return the serial of the requestMike Blumenkrantz
in the case where multiple places in an app may be handling selections, this is necessary in order to manage the selections accurately @feature
2017-05-12ecore-wl2: remove ERR when trying to find the focused window idMike Blumenkrantz
this can trigger in the case where a selection transfer occurs and no input resource has received an enter (e.g., the window is not focused) @fix
2017-05-12ecore-wl2: correctly refcount display objects during eventsMike Blumenkrantz
ensure lifetime of display object is longer than events in which the object is passed @fix
2017-05-12ecore-wl2: add safety check in ecore_wl2_display_inputs_get()Mike Blumenkrantz
ensure this is not called on server displays
2017-05-12ecore-wl2: handle case where session recovery listener triggers on dead surfaceMike Blumenkrantz
2017-05-12ecore-wl2: add function for checking if a client connection sync is doneMike Blumenkrantz
2017-05-12ecore-wl2: add some accessors for useful Ecore_Wl2_Input struct membersMike Blumenkrantz
2017-05-12ecore-wl2: split data offers into selection and dragMike Blumenkrantz
these are distinct objects and can coexist simultaneously; a drag source should not overwrite an existing selection source @fix
2017-05-12ecore-wl2: store names for inputs and add api for retrieving nameMike Blumenkrantz
2017-05-12ecore-wl2: add checks for a valid display object in ecore_wl2_input fnsMike Blumenkrantz
no display = invalid object, so this needs checking
2017-05-12ecore-evas: account for framespace when processing mouse movementMike Blumenkrantz
in some cases (e.g., the mouse-out emission from the ee wl engine), this was calculating wrong coordinates, which would lead to a broken chain of events like: object mouse out -> object mouse in -> object mouse out which would severely break some apps @fix
2017-05-12ecore-evas: add function for unsetting a specific seat's cursorMike Blumenkrantz
2017-05-12ecore: allow creation of fd handlers with no flagsMike Blumenkrantz
it's possible to set flags to 0 with another function, so allowing creation with 0 makes the api more consistent without breaking the documented behavior
2017-05-12elm_entry: request both text and markup when pastingMike Blumenkrantz
setting this to only markup means that it's impossible to paste into an elm_entry from a plaintext app under wayland @fix
2017-05-12elm_cnp: don't explicitly set wl window type when starting dragMike Blumenkrantz
this is no longer necessary
2017-05-12evas: ensure even no-op renders emit RENDER_PREMike Blumenkrantz
ref 67fae7aa0fdc9d778e8db88fc49bc149576994d2
2017-05-12tests: win_dialog: remove unused variableStefan Schmidt
2017-05-12efl ui win -> add test for centering + fix center of window before showCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
we haven't gotten replies yet on what our position or size should be, so we should store them so centering works before show but after resizing is evaluated (that also fixed by forcing an eval). @fix
2017-05-12efreet: Fix failure to save list data to outputBryce Harrington
Summary: This fixes a typo in the fix 55676b33, which introduced an invalid early return from the save_list function, preventing it from outputing the list data to the file. @fix CID1375005, CID1375004 Reviewers: jpeg Reviewed By: jpeg Subscribers: stefan_schmidt, cedric, jpeg Differential Revision:
2017-05-12evas gl: Fix typo and revert hack (GLES 3.1)Jean-Philippe Andre
Omg... Thanks Daekwang Ryu for pointing me to my error. I remember struggling a lot with this OpenGL API and libGLdispatch (glvnd) when in fact this was all just a typo in the code. GLES 3.1 and the upcoming 3.2 support need a proper test case... See c68a40987404375b36460b6a7f5ccceb45444b57 @fix