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2014-04-17eo: fix broken children iterator, remove redundant fields.Lukasz Stanislawski
@fix Summary: Tests added. Reviewers: raster, JackDanielZ, tasn CC: cedric Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric Bail <>
2014-04-17efreet: check magic only for file which has sizeWonguk Jeong
Summary: Due to unnecessary magic checking, there was freezing in /proc in efm. Proc file's st_size is zero, but, it's readable. therfore, it takes unnecessary time in magic checking. And, there is no need to check magic in case of 0 sized regular files as well. Therefore, skip magic check in case of st_size is zero. Fixes T1173 Test Plan: enlightenment -> file browser (efm) -> get int /proc --> check whether efm freezes or not Reviewers: raster, cedric, zmike CC: seoz, cedric Maniphest Tasks: T1173 Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric Bail <>
2014-04-17ecore_wl: Actually watch out for ECORE_FD_ERRORStefan Schmidt
2014-04-17wcore_wl: Handle errors on wayland display fdStefan Schmidt
Cancel the callback if we receive an error on the wayland display file descriptor.
2014-04-17ecore_wl: Add FD_WRITE flag to handler as we monitor read and writeStefan Schmidt
The _ecore_wl_cb_handle_data callback only has the flag for ECORE_FD_READ set while the callback funtion also monitors and acts on writes. I wonder if and how that worked before.
2014-04-17Eolian/Generator: remove Eo1 generationDaniel Zaoui
2014-04-17Eolian/Lexer: support of complex typesDaniel Zaoui
Complex types are now supported in .eo files: Eina_List * @own <Eo *> The parser is in charge of creating a list of formatted basic types.
2014-04-17formatting fix (spacing)Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-04-17Evas gl: Fix texture border drawingJean-Philippe Andre
Since the introduction of color spaces other than RGBA8888 in the GL engines, there was an issue with border images scaled in GL. The left and right edges were simply not properly copied. This would then show artifacts when scaling very thin images (typically 2px wide).
2014-04-17Evas TGV saver: Use medium quality by defaultJean-Philippe Andre
The default quality is 80 and high quality is horribly slow, so default to medium quality instead (it's already very slow). If you really want to shoot yourself in the foot and use high quality, just set quality > 95 and go make some coffee. Also, disable dithering, it creates horrible artifacts on real life pictures (gradients and flat surfaces especially).
2014-04-16fix overdraw issue in evas when clips changeCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
the comments say it all. this stops adding massive full window updates when clippers lose all children (and are visible) or gain a first child while visible as all code hides these clip rects (or shows them) in these cases and other usages just make no sense.
2014-04-16remove unused codeCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-04-16evas rects - missing update rect del if rect solid && not changedCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
small improvement
2014-04-16eo - let's make NULL objects simply debug warnings, not errors.Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
due to recent changes a lot of objects are now NULL (correctly) and eo complains on access of them. it's simply too noisy adding too many if's all through code, so let's just make eo be sensible here.
2014-04-16Revert "eo null object complaints - silence."Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
This reverts commit 1678d272af676a17e4608de655f231171c5a5af2. ... actually... on second thought... i think eo just needs to sensibly handle null objects.
2014-04-16eo null object complaints - silence.Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-04-15Revert "build: Temporary disable debug log output during coverage"Stefan Schmidt
This reverts commit 02a5a6bfea50e722bbb71b9cd813d32e453517ae. Daniel fixed the underlaying problem in eolian debug statements which should make this band aid unnecessary.
2014-04-15evas - improve speed of unpremul with redundant pixel dataMatvey Konovalov
2014-04-15Evas ETC1: Use LZ4HC for higher compression ratiosJean-Philippe Andre
LZ4HC has a higher compression ratio than LZ4 but basically the same decompression speed. The performance cost during encoding is actually still pretty low considering how expensive ETC1 compression can be (even at medium quality).
2014-04-15Evas: Use Evas_Colorspace to declare cspaceJean-Philippe Andre
Why use int when we have a proper type? All these APIs are internal.
2014-04-15ecore-wl: Check for existance of data device managerChris Michael
@fix: Don't segfault if the running compositor never creates a data device manager. Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2014-04-15ecore-wl: Don't create an input cursor surface unless the input has pointer ↵Chris Michael
capability. @fix: There is no use for an input cursor surface if the seat does not have the pointer ability (for kiosk cases, or touch-only cases where a pointer is not created). Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2014-04-15ecore-evas-wl: Ooops, Fix opaque & input regions being set to incorrect valuesChris Michael
@fix: As it turns out, we cannot just blindly set the regions here during resize. Elementary apps will set the opaque region to account for any edj frames, and having the region_set calls Here was causing issues.... Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2014-04-15fix recent png loader break with etc1 support that broke interlaced imgsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
this fixes the png loader code to use png_read_row properly with the number of passes needed to load aninterlaced image as well as handling this right with scale ratio scaledown set.
2014-04-14docs now have a slightly more english description and list libs alphabeticallyMike Blumenkrantz
2014-04-14Fixed a problem with e wl server that sent invalid key value to wl client.Gwanglim Lee
Summary: This problem occurred due to xkb_keysym_t value of libxkbcommon by e wl server. e wl server should pass keycode from evdev input device on to wl client. In order that e wl server receives valid keycode Ecore_Event_Key should have an extended data member. This patch should be applied with server side patch. @fix Test Plan: run e wl server -> create wl client -> type keys Reviewers: raster, devilhorns, zmike CC: cedric Differential Revision:
2014-04-14Eolian: add support for cmakeDaniel Zaoui
Now with the file :-)
2014-04-14build: Temporary disable debug log output during coverageStefan Schmidt
Due to the amount of generated debug messages from eolion generation we end up with 3.8GB log files for elm builds when efl was build with coverage enabled. Temporary disable this until eolion is fixed and we can turn it on again.
2014-04-14Revert "Eolian: add support for cmake"Tom Hacohen
You forgot to add the file, you broke compilation for everyone. This reverts commit df6ef6aa78ddacfac8ccac162177ee42844b1611.
2014-04-14Eo: eo_do now returns called func's value + default ret fix.Tom Hacohen
It's now completely valid to do: a = eo_do(obj, a_get()); or: b = eo_do(obj, a_set(1), b_get()); Also, the default return value for eo2 functions is now also returned when the object is invalid, not just when the object does not match class. It's a small refactor that fixed both issues at once. @feature @fix
2014-04-14Eo: Fix class checking.Tom Hacohen
Without this patch, NULL, and random garbage are detected as classes. This fixes is.
2014-04-14Eolian: add support for cmakeDaniel Zaoui
2014-04-14Eolian/Lexer: disable INFO and DEBUG.Daniel Zaoui
They are not needed on normal build. Two flags have been added to enable/disable INF and DBG. Two warnings have been removed since they are not printing interesting and relevant information.
2014-04-13Eolian: Legacy integration of Evas TableYossi Kantor
2014-04-13Eolian: Legacy Integration of Evas TextYossi Kantor
2014-04-13Eolian: fix generation of Eo2 functions definitions.Daniel Zaoui
When keys are used in property, the Eo2 macro was not well chosen.
2014-04-11eolian no longer generates return statements for void functionsMike Blumenkrantz
2014-04-11ecore_con: Force unsigned to unsigned comparisonStefan Schmidt
num was changed to size_t which makes it unsigned while count is a normal (signed) int. Comparing them does not always work as expected but in this case we already checked if count is < 0 before and would have returned if that would be true. Thus we can safely cast count to unsigned here as it will be greater 0 anyway.
2014-04-11engines/evas_drm: Remove some unused variablesStefan Schmidt
2014-04-11ecore_con: Remove superfluous >= 0 check for unsignedStefan Schmidt
Since num was changed from (signed) int to (unsigned) size_t in 16d7b981ebc22df86e4dc7719ae63677bff8b1e1 this check no longer makes sense as it will always be true.
2014-04-11Eolian: Legacy integration of Evas Rectangle, Polygon, Line, Textgrid and ↵Yossi Kantor
2014-04-11Eolian: Clean out Evas Eo headerYossi Kantor
2014-04-11Eolian: Clean out Ecore Audio Eo headersYossi Kantor
2014-04-11set default help info for multisense to match new default on stateCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-04-11Eo2: Fix other forgotten ret.Daniel Zaoui
2014-04-10"whether" has 2x 'h'Mike Blumenkrantz
2014-04-10Edje multisense: Fixed compilation following change to eo2.Tom Hacohen
2014-04-10turn multisense on by default since ecore_audio is alreadyCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-04-10Move to Eo2 and adjust code accordinglyTom Hacohen
Eo2 is the new object system for the EFL, and the replacement for Eo. It improves Eo1 in many ways that will be listed on the Wiki and discussed on the ML before. Another change this merge includes is using the slightly different API eo2 offers in actual code. For example: eo_do(obj, elm_object_text_get(&text)); becomes: eo_do(obj, text = elm_object_text_get()); @feature
2014-04-10Eo: fix warning on printfDaniel Zaoui