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2017-09-12eina: add an Eina_Value helper for Eina_Rectangle.Vincent Torri
2017-09-12eina: compilation fixed on OpenIndianaVincent Torri
socket library must be passed as connect() is used in eina_db Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2017-09-01build: Drop wayland protocol requirement to 1.9Derek Foreman
Some distros are sitting at 1.9 for a long time now, and 1.10 didn't add any critical functionality for us.
2017-08-25efl: remove PS3 backend.Cedric BAIL
This backend has received no patch and maintenance from anyone who could actually test it over the last few years. After talking with KaKaRoTo it is best to remove it. If anyone want to take over its maintenance, you are welcome to revert this patch.
2017-08-14build: don't pass -fPIC on WindowsVincent Torri
Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2017-08-14wayland: bump wayland protocol version requirementDerek Foreman
We need a newer version for recent dmabuf changes.
2017-08-04configure: switch to dev mode againStefan Schmidt
Merge window for 1.21 is now open.
2017-08-03release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.20.0 releasev1.20.0Stefan Schmidt
2017-08-02efl build - fix lua old support on debianCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
didnt detect cflags properly. now it does. @fix
2017-07-22efl_wl - also add xkbcommon as it's actually usedCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2017-07-21efl_wl - add wayland-server pkgconfig dep for headers from waylandCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2017-07-20release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.20.0-beta3 releasev1.20.0-beta3Stefan Schmidt
2017-07-15build: set tests according to profile by defaultAndy Williams
2017-07-11release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.20.0-beta2 releasev1.20.0-beta2Stefan Schmidt
2017-07-04Revert "build: fix examples dist based on various configure flags"Mike Blumenkrantz
This reverts commit ded5b1e764fdc97403bd829b02106ae8b9af10a4. this broke build in some cases
2017-07-04Revert "build: enable examples build by default"Mike Blumenkrantz
This reverts commit b58629bbbef3d811700b016eb9fa97e2af71e1a1. not needed
2017-07-03build: enable examples build by defaultMike Blumenkrantz
the previous method of forcing this to be enabled for dist builds caused breaks when the original configure disabled examples, as the little-known DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS variable would need to also be set to disable examples even though the user would think they were disabled based on configure output
2017-07-03build: fix examples dist based on various configure flagsMike Blumenkrantz
this would previously break if: * cxx bindings were disabled * elua was disabled * base configure disabled examples and dist build disabled examples * base configure disabled examples and dist build enabled examples it still breaks if: * base configure disables examples and dist build enables examples
2017-07-03release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.20.0-beta1 releasev1.20.0-beta1Stefan Schmidt
2017-06-30efl-wl: add .pc fileMike Blumenkrantz
2017-06-30efl_wl: a multiseat wayland compositor in an evas smart objectMike Blumenkrantz
build when wayland support is enabled and provide two test/demo cases beta api @feature Reviewed-By: Cedric BAIL <>
2017-06-29release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.20.0-alpha1 releasev1.20.0-alpha1Stefan Schmidt
2017-06-16build: add flag to disable eluaMike Blumenkrantz
build times are already insanely long, every little bit helps @feature
2017-06-11Revert "efl_debugd: only compile this on Linux."Daniel Zaoui
This reverts commit eafe0c74e13f1a379c219e03f754f8d47e237e27. It is not needed anymore as the daemon is now portable.
2017-06-09ecore-drm2: Remove check for drmModeAtomicCommitChris Michael
This check for drmModeAtomicCommit is no longer necessary as we have moved to using static_libs/libdrm during compile time. Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2017-06-08efl_debugd: only compile this on Linux.Al Poole
Summary: Well, the build is broken again on BSD and Windows. efl_debugd is full of lots lovely Linuxisms. Just don't compile. This unbreaks the build for FreeBSD and others. Reviewers: cedric, raster, jpeg Reviewed By: jpeg Subscribers: JackDanielZ, jpeg Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2017-06-05eina: attempt to make the code more portableJean Guyomarc'h
This fixes the build on macOS.
2017-05-30check: Bump version to 0.9.10 and change macroJean-Philippe Andre
Changing ck_assert_ptr_nonnull() to ck_assert_ptr_ne() in order to require "only" check >= 0.9.10. ck_assert_ptr_nonnull() was introduced in 0.11.0. ck_assert_ptr_ne() is already used a lot in the test suite so a recent version of check is required.
2017-05-17eo - eoid - finally rtemove option to not have eoid. it doesn't workCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
we use too many bits for metadata now so eoid is broken... remove it as an option so people dont break out the foot guns
2017-04-28bump minimum version requirement of freetype2 to 16.2.10 which equals ↵Stefan Schmidt
release For this one I feel like I earned an archaeologist medal. :-) This is related to the commit raster made in aa92cddb to accommodate for older freetype version. The TT_INTERPRETER_VERSION_35 define was actually introduced in the release 2.5.0 which was released in June 2013 which means it had almost 4 years to get picked up. I would consider this safe to be a minimum dependency for current efl versions. The trick here is that the release version does not match the library version spit out by pkg-config. 16.2.10 equals the freetype release in this case. Better make a note about it in configure for the next poor soul trying to understand this. Thanks again to llelectronics for reporting this. Fix T5437 @fix
2017-04-28build: bump minimum version requirement of gnutls to 3.3.6Stefan Schmidt
This releases offers the gnutls_certificate_set_x509_trust_dir() API we use in ecore_con. This gnutls version was release in July 2014 which gave it enough time to be picked up by distributions. Thanks a lot to llelectronics for reporting and tracking down the problem. ref T5437 @fix
2017-04-12configure: switch to dev mode againStefan Schmidt
Merge window for 1.20 is now open.
2017-04-12release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.19.0 releasev1.19.0Stefan Schmidt
2017-04-12build: disable epoll support on solaris based systemsStefan Schmidt
We have a report where the use of epoll breaks such systems. Disabling it for now to make them work again. A deeper analysis is underway to understand this better and maybe have epoll support later.
2017-03-31release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.19.0-beta4 releasev1.19.0-beta4Stefan Schmidt
2017-03-26Ecore_Con: Fix compilation on SolarisVincent Torri
FIONREAD is defined in sys/filio.h
2017-03-14release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.19.0-beta3 releasev1.19.0-beta3Stefan Schmidt
2017-02-20release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.19.0-beta2 releasev1.19.0-beta2Stefan Schmidt
2017-02-13release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.19.0-beta1 releasev1.19.0-beta1Stefan Schmidt
2017-02-13configure - eolian seemingly still needs evil due to einaCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
this should fix T5172
2017-02-10ecore: Don't call _ecore_fd_valid() in release buildsDerek Foreman
Not sure _ecore_fd_valid() is all that useful anymore, as the commit that introduced it said it would be removed "before release" a long time ago - it's a debug assist that probably doesn't need to be in release builds. (I'm counting syscalls on rpi3 - still, calling this an optimization seems like a bit of a stretch.)
2017-02-09release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.19.0-alpha1 releasev1.19.0-alpha1Stefan Schmidt
2017-02-07ecore_x: we dont need this version file anymoreMarcel Hollerbach
it indicated a while back which backend was used, we only have xlib left.
2017-02-03ifdef RUN_IN_TREE logic.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
This logic is only needed for autotools, cmake will replicate the installation file structure and thus eina_prefix works out of box.
2017-01-23build: Depend on wayland-protocols for wayland buildDerek Foreman
We need this to auto-generate protocol files for things like xdg-shell.
2017-01-21eolian: rmeove dependency on basename/libgen.h/evilDaniel Kolesa
2017-01-18build: Fix wayland scanner related breakageDerek Foreman
Oops, autoconf noob at work.
2017-01-18build: Add rules to auto-generate wayland headers from protocol xmlDerek Foreman
We've been checking in protocol headers and implementations that wayland-scanner generates. We should just generate them from the upstream xml files.
2016-12-21Revert "build: enable -Wfloat-equal for compiling"Stefan Schmidt
This reverts commit 25792d64165ad4f5f647a36f087af2d2206a6618. 100 patches later the build output is still noisy with all these warnings. I'm happy to see this warnings added to the default CFLAGS once the current warnings have been dealt with. Enable this warning in the local CFLAGS, get the current warnings fixed, add it to the efl default flags to make the warning prominent for newly added code.
2016-12-19build: enable -Wfloat-equal for compilingMike Blumenkrantz