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2016-06-06elementary: Fix elm_code theme lookup and use correct namingAndy Williams
2016-06-06Merge elm code, a code editing widget into the eflTom Hacohen
It was decided to merge this and mark the code as BETA for now. It's currently being used by EDI and should also be used by enventor and etc.
2016-06-05FDO icons: and finally install the icons in fdo formatDave Andreoli
After this commit you will find a new icon theme in your system, it is called Enlightenment-X and is build using the same icons used in the elm theme. Using this theme you can have non-efl and efl apps to use the same icons. #StupidAutotools that require me to list each icon and each folder to be able to install them
2016-06-03elementary: integrate elm_code theme.Cedric BAIL
2016-06-02elm fileselector - make ok/cancel in selector configurable per osCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
so the theme build can order ok/cancel based on preference for an os, so make configure have an option for this and build the theme specifically based on that option. enable the option if you want mac style cancel, ok or default ok, cancel as is common elsewhere. --enable-cancel-ok is the option @feature
2016-06-01elementary: fix runtime warning about missing fixed partJean Guyomarc'h
2016-05-29FDO icons: better icon for "preferences-other"Dave Andreoli
This is the icon apps should use for their settings
2016-05-26Elm entry: fix returning wrong focus regionJiwon Kim
Summary: In on_focus_region function, entry returns relative x,y position from edje object. It should be calculated from elm object's position. @fix Test Plan: 1. $elementary_test "Entry on Page Scroll" 2. click under button 3. click upper text in entry 4. page should not be scrolled Reviewers: tasn, cedric, woohyun, Hermet, herdsman, raster Subscribers: Blackmole, id213sin, cedric, jpeg Differential Revision:
2016-05-25slider: theme - fix warningsAmitesh Singh
Fixes warnings related to "disabled" & "disabled_visible" states not present in respective parts. @fix
2016-05-25slider: move range as a group in themeAmitesh Singh
Most of the used cases would be slider without range, hence move range feature to a new theme. "elm/slider/range/../.."
2016-05-22FDO icons: better icons for zoom-*Dave Andreoli
2016-05-21FDO icons: added all the Devices iconsDave Andreoli
2016-05-18elementary/colorselector: apply scale factor.Hermet Park
Some parts of ui have scale factor, but some don't Apply scale factor to whole parts for working properly.
2016-05-15FDO icons: duplicate icons instead of symlink usage.Dave Andreoli
Windoz do not support symlinks :(
2016-05-15FDO icons: add some Application iconsDave Andreoli
mostly the ones used by elm_config
2016-05-10theme: add clip for disabling focus effects on some windowsMike Blumenkrantz
ref T3408
2016-05-08FDO icons: more work on Places iconsDave Andreoli
2016-05-08FDO icons: redesigned all the actions iconsDave Andreoli
2016-05-07FDO icons: reenable all the new icons, this time in png formatDave Andreoli
2016-05-07FDO icons: convert the Status ctx to pngDave Andreoli
2016-05-07FDO icons: convert the Actions ctx to pngDave Andreoli
2016-05-07FDO icons: convert the Categories ctx to pngDave Andreoli
2016-05-07FDO icons: convert the Emblems ctx to pngDave Andreoli
2016-05-07FDO icons: convert the Places ctx to pngDave Andreoli
2016-05-05Disable the new svg icons for the moment :(Dave Andreoli
As explained in the ml we are hitting an issue with the svg loaders not included in efl
2016-05-05Fix distcheck wrt new fdo iconsDave Andreoli
distcheck is still not working for the lacks of the svg loader in efl
2016-05-05fdo icons: added Categories iconsDave Andreoli
this icons are blindly copyed from the RaveX/Faenza themes, they are a bit alien in looks, I consider them as a placeholder for some more eflish icons
2016-05-05Elm icons: keep all old icons for compatDave Andreoli
2016-05-05Add (quite) all the status iconsDave Andreoli
2016-05-05Add all the Action icons, and TODO placeholder for ALL FDO icon names.Dave Andreoli
I really don't like the look of those new icons, will improve them in a second step
2016-05-05Initial structure for a proper FDO compliant icon theme.Dave Andreoli
The idea here is to provide a "real" fdo icon theme along the icons in the elm edje theme. To minimize file redundancy the icons are profided directly in a fdo structure and picked in icon_fdo.edc. Also I'm using all the icons in svg format so that we don't need to provide all the creazy sizes as per fdo spec. More icons will comes in the next commits
2016-05-03Revert "genlist: Change group_index swallow parts to be squares."Jaehyun Cho
This reverts commit 5f59e134ebe4347ee6b7dafe63f75e9dbd813d82. This causes that icon region of genlist group_index item is displayed although icon is not set.
2016-05-02elementary button: fix a anchor style edc error.Hermet Park
keep clicked description since inherited program still requires it.
2016-04-29genlist: Change group_index swallow parts to be squares.Jaehyun Cho
"elm.swallow.icon" and "elm.swallow.end" of group_index item were not squrares. So change those swallow parts to be squares like default item's swallow parts.
2016-04-27elementary: Re-add some old icon names as deprecatedAndy Williams
2016-04-27elementary: fix a few non-standard icon namesAndy Williams
moving the widgets away from non-standard names. Tidy the icon sets to clarify what's standard.
2016-04-22theme: don't use timed transition for comp focus out glowMike Blumenkrantz
2016-04-22theme: explicitly hide focus glow for comp menu themesMike Blumenkrantz
this was getting clipped under x11 and was displaying itself (poorly) on wayland
2016-04-08theme: add nstate.edc in Makefile.amAmitesh Singh
fixes make dist
2016-04-07elm_nstate: introduce nstate widget and inherit check from itAmitesh Singh
Test Plan: elementary_test -to "nstate" @feature Reviewers: yashu21985, tasn, Hermet, seoz, smohanty, felipealmeida, JackDanielZ, jypark, woohyun, herdsman, raster, cedric, jpeg Subscribers: saurabhbunty, seoz Differential Revision:
2016-04-05Elementary: Don't send selected signal to a part with no selected state. ↵Stephen Houston
Removes warnings.
2016-04-01elementary: install desktop files in the correct directory.Cedric BAIL
Fix for T3397.
2016-04-01theme: fix a bunch of the fixed: X Y edje errorsMike Blumenkrantz
2016-03-30elementary: fix errors in default themeAndrii Kroitor
Summary: fix errors with missing "fixed" and with missing descriptions Test Plan: elementary_test Reviewers: cedric, Hermet Subscribers: jpeg, reutskiy.v.v Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2016-03-30Revert "theme: undo recent changes to elm window border shadow_spacer part"Mike Blumenkrantz
This reverts commit aaf8b861796d4161ee10447958b19dd0846a3660. it turns out that this was irrelevant and there was some less-than-competent engine code trying to manhandle surface sizes
2016-03-29elementary: make theme depends on its files again.Cedric BAIL
2016-03-29theme: make sure new theme images from slider range change get distributedStefan Schmidt
In commit 1152fb3e3528e024f0f9e01451783a937fdbe4dc two new image have been added but not added to the list of image files need to distributed. This broke make distcheck.
2016-03-28theme: undo recent changes to elm window border shadow_spacer partMike Blumenkrantz
this breaks window sizing in wayland partially reverts c413544ef74ba2ceee220e4e70b044758e4038c7
2016-03-28Slider: Theme - Add support for range in edcYeshwanth Reddivari
phab: Test Plan: elementary_test -to slider @feature Change-Id: Ibc3f7c93efb927a6fc602f246a795c426f80bd39
2016-03-28Fix installation of elementary objectsDaniel Zaoui
The path was wrong.